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The Color Purple is a novel of freedom, Celie the main heroine in the
novel is a fourteen-year-old girl who is repeatedly raped and abused by her
step-father Alphonso. He at that point marries her off to Mr. _____ a man twice
her age, without her consent. Also, similarly to Mr. Northup she encounters her
loss of freedom when she is not permitted to settle on her own choices since
her dad decides for her. There was much racism and abuse amid that time,
particularly for black women. They were beaten and manhandled essentially in
light of their skin color and sexual orientation. Celie, a youthful black
woman, who experiences numerous hardships in the of light of that time period
including prejudice, abuse, and sexism yet she stays solid in her confidence in
God and is able to overcome these obstructions and yet demonstrates the
peaceful quality of a woman. The persecution of black women is extremely
obvious in The Color Purple, this is
demonstrated through the relationship between Celie and her Father Alphonso.
Alphonso rapes and beats Celie for years and manages to get her pregnant twice.
“I say God took it. He took it while I was sleeping. Kill it out there in the
woods. Kill this one too if he can.” (Walker 12) he kills the first child in
the woods and sell the other to a family in town. Though unfortunately, it is
not until later on in the novel where Celie learns that both babies belong to
her step father Alphonso and that her biological father has been lynched.
Learning the news impacts Celie’s life drastically and this prevents her from
trusting men for most of her life. “Young Celie knows only beatings and sexual
coldness before Shug arrives to teach her how to love.” (Abrams, 29) Celie
faces many struggles for a large portion of her life, she was not taught the
rights and wrongs. Celie’s younger sister Nettie is the root of her freedom,
she adores her sister and when she is taken away from her; Celie is lost. She
questions why life is the way it is and if it gets better. Shug, a female who
is introduced later on in the novel and is told to be Albert’s mistress. She
helps Celie in figuring out who she is as a woman and helps her feel beautiful
in her own skin. She also teaches Celie to stand up for herself and not allow
anyone to walk over her. “God is inside you and inside everything else. You
come into the world with God. But only them that search for it inside find it.”
(Walker, 177) For the majority of the novel, Celie struggles with finding
herself because of the constant brutal treatment she endures. With God she is
able to grow as a character and believe that she does deserve a better life.
Celie changes for the betterment of herself and for God. 


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