The is able to demonstrate their respect to

The professionalism of any individual is vital for their
image and the impression they give to others. However, for healthcare workers,
professionalism is even more vital as it is fundamental in the trust and faith
of patients. Professional behaviour can be defined as the manner in which someone
in a job or position of work conducts themselves not only at work but also when
in public. A large aspect of maintaining professionalism is the image of the individual
that is conveyed to the patient.


Health care workers are not only responsible for a patient’s
health and safety whilst in their care but also with keeping their details
confidential. Patient confidentiality is fundamental for health care workers
and is a huge factor in gaining a patient’s trust. Through maintaining this
confidentiality, the health care worker is able to demonstrate their respect to
the patient and hence will gain the patient’s trust when it comes to making
decisions on treatment plans.

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example of good professionalism is when I recently attended the dental clinic
for a check-up. The dentist was punctual and was dressed smartly in a suit with
their protective apron on top. They


As previously stated, professionalism needs to be upheld not
just within the work place but also in the view of the public. This includes
the digital actions such as social media pages and posts. Inappropriate posts
that are posted (e.g. with an anti-somatic ideology) will portray a negative
image of not only that individual but the entire clinic/role that they work at.
In a dental environment, this could lead to patients no longer having trust in
the clinics which they usually attend and could eventually lead to a total breakdown
in the relationship between the patient and dentist. Digital professionalism
also includes images that are posted by health care workers. This can include
pictures showing inappropriate alcohol usage, which then may be seen by
patients and conveys a negative image of all dentists.





Patient’s visit their dentists and put their medical health
in the hands of another individual




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