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The Vampire Diaries By Lisa Jane SmithHorror, fantasy, romance, young-adult fictionAstrid Acuña GarciaMs BartkowiakJanuary 8, 2018 For my independent reading book, I chose to read The Vampire Diaries by Lisa Jane Smith. This book’s genre is horror, fantasy, romance, and young-adult fiction telled by the author’s point of view.

The narrator tells the story of Elena Gilbert’s life, a teenage girl whose life changed when she met stefan Salvatore.This is a very interesting book, earlier I watched the T.V. show but I always wanted to read the book because they are very different. I like to read when i am bored so this book helped me by learning instead of wasting my time. The purpose of this report is to read this awesome book as I did. This story takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia. The time is in our current years because the characters used cars, phones, and other modern technology devices.

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Their use of words is not so proper like they used to talk in the old time, sometimes they use old words when they are remembering something. The houses of the characters are all close so it is impossible to keep a secret. Another setting that is very important is the Renaissance in Florence, late 15th century in Italy because the 2 brothers spent some of their life there, fighting for another girl. The setting relates to the plot because Mystic Falls is a small town with a lot of stories, where you can find everyone easily. Elena Gilbert is the protagonist of this book, she is a seventeen years old girl with pale golden hair and blue eyes. She is the typical pretty, skinny, and popular girl of school in her senior year.

In the first chapters they describe her as a strong girl who has any boy she wants and all the other girls are jealous of her. Elena is very confident of herself and brave, she doesn’t depend on anyone and if she means something she says it. Her parents died on a car accident when she was turning 17 and her aunt takes care of her.  Another main character is Stefan Salvatore, he is an italian vampire that was born on the time of The Renaissance. Earlier in his human life he fell in love with Katherine von Swartzschild, then she turned him into a vampire. Stefan was mysterious, he has a muscled body and wavy dark hair. He is actually a good vampire because he doesn’t feed from humans but from animals instead. He enrolls as a high school student at Elena’s school but he really is 500 or more years old.

Stefan is Giuseppe Salvatore’s younger son, his older brother is Damon Salvatore. Damon Salvatore is Stefan’s older brother, he is dangerous but very handsome. Damon has dark eyes, dark hair, and elegance with a very attractive smile that made all of the girls die for him. He always wears black clothes and is very strong because he is older and feeds from humans. Damon wants revenge from Stefan, he falls in love with Elena but she rejects him because Stefan is her boyfriend. Damon is the main antagonist, he was born in 1487 in Florence, Italy during The Renaissance. Damon and Stefan came from a noble family and they were very rich.

Bonnie McCullough is Elena’s best friend, she is an eighteen years old girl that turned to a witch. She was born and raised in Fell’s Church, she is the friend that is always there to help. Bonnie is very flirty and is very important in this story, in some place in the book she seems to have something with Damon.

Bonnie has strong physical powers that help a lot along the story because they need her help in everything. Katherine von Swartzschild was a young girl born in Germany, she was very sick and weak so her parents looked for a cure. A surgeon told her parents she was going to die and her made found a man named Klaus, he was a vampire and her maid asked him to turned her into a vampire.

Her father thought she was still sick so he took her to the Salvatore house to keep her happy, there Katherine met Stefan and fell in love with him. Katherine also loved Damon and she told them that she would only stay if she choose one to marry. Katherine turned both brothers into vampires because she believed they will live happy. The plot begins when Elena, the girl in senior year falls in love with Stefan Salvatore, a vampire that has a brother named Damon Salvatore. Damon and Stefan hate each other because earlier in their life they fought for the love of a young lady.

That lady was named Katherine and she was in love with both of them, she turned them into vampires. Elena sees a picture of Katherine and she finds out that she is exactly like Katherine, she finds out everything. Elena enters in Stefan room and she finds everything thrown to the floor like if there was an animal attack, then she sees through the window and finds out Stefan is a vampire. Stefan and Damon fight because Damon turns Elena into a vampire and Stefan thought she was dead, then Elena is looking for Stefan because he disappeared. Elena asks Damon for Stefan bur Damon doesn’t tell her nothing because she rejects him. Bonnie offers to help with her powers and finds out Stefan is trapped and dying. All of his friend help him and he survives the attack.

Elena likes to write in a Diary, in the book they show some of her stories. Caroline decided to steal Elena’s diary but Damon got it back, when he gave it back to Elena he found out stefan and Elena were going to marry. I think a theme for this book is friendship and loyalty, all the friends stick together in good and bad times. When someone has a problem all of their friends are there to help. Also, loyalty because Elena is a very good girl and is loyal to her loved ones. The book may also teach you that not everything is bad as it looks like, a lot of people thinks vampires are bad but this story tells you not all of them kill people and feen on them. I really liked this book, it is not a hard book and it is very entertaining and exciting. There are a lot of events and conflicts that make it impossible for you to stop reading.

The story has a lot of mystery and the characters are all unique, my favorite character is Damon. I love his manners and the way he thinks, I think he is rude but cute. Elena is a very nice girl and she has a very interesting life, she is very responsible and loyal. Stefan is very interesting but sometimes he is a little bit boring because he is not so funny like Damon. I like that there are always things happening but sometimes they have a lot of problems and I get confused. I love this novel because it has fantasy, romance, horror and everything, I also find out very interesting that it is the life of some teenagers with a lot of mystery. I will definitely recommend this book and the T.V.

show, they are timeworthy and interesting. Citations Smith, L. J.

The vampire diaries. HarperTeen, 2012.

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