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Themost amazing character about Ray Kroc isthat he pursued his ambition persistently and did not let opportunities slipaway, despite the hardships. The movie shows the humble beginning of Ray Krocand the challenges he underwent as he expanded the McDonald empire. The rise and expansion of McDonald is one of the most appreciated global businessopportunity that led to the realizationof the American dream. The McDonald’s brothers were the founders of the company while Ray Kroc is behind the success of theMcDonald empire.

RayKroc has a routine job of delivering multimixer machines to food joints. Heonce happens to come across a local burger joint, named McDonald’s, in San Francisco.Although the place seems crowded, Ray is impressed with the efficient service system of the restaurant.  Consequently, Ray, who is a street-smartbusiness person, realizes the potential of the restaurant and decides tointroduce himself to the owners of McDonald’s two brothers named Mac and DickMcDonald (Dargis).

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After familiarizing himself with them, he asks the brothersif they would agree to franchise the restaurant to him (Dargis). However, thebrothers are initially hesitant because they hada terrible experience when they franchised the business earlier, and thefranchisee restaurant was unable to maintainthe high standards of the parent company, thus, tainted its image. TheMcDonald’s brothers and Ray Kroc finally come to a consensus and enter into acontract.

The brother’s decision to give Ray franchise of the restaurant changesthe destinies of both parties forever. Nonetheless,the movie portrays the McDonalds brothersas ambitious, but complacent men, who aresatisfied with running only the firstMcDonald restaurant. Even though they have the potential to expand theirbusiness further, they never take the initiative. They already had introduced asystem that was convenient, fast and effective, and this attracted families totheir restaurant. Nonetheless, the McDonald brothersdo not think of progressing beyond this.

In fact, they never foresee theopportunity to turn their concept into a globalbusiness. When Ray Kroc comes into the picture, he has a much bigger vision for the company. Ray Kroc is effective in his work and realizes that settingup multiple McDonald’s restaurants near locationslike churches would be a favorable move toincrease its business (Dargis). The McDonald’s brothers slowly realize hispotential and gain confidence in Ray Kroc’s business acumen. They hold on tohis promise that he would maintain the company’s established standards and integrityin other branches of McDonald’s restaurants. Ray is not happy with the McDonald’s brothers’ absolute power over thecompany; for example, during the setting up of the new restaurants, hissuggestions about making some alterations to the designof the restaurant are vetoed by the brothers. In another instance, theMcDonald’s brothers do not allow a soda company, then popularly known Coca-Cola, to sponsor their business. Coca-Cola would benefit by way of brandingsince its name would be prominently displayedon the menu.

The McDonald brothers are against the idea,as it would be against their vision of keeping the company non–commercial.On the contrary, Ray has a different opinion,but he lacks the power to make decisions and implement them (Dargis). These are some of the examples where Ray Kroc agreed with theMcDonald decisions, yet he did notbelieve in them. The McDonalds believedthat partnering with Coca-Cola wouldexploit their business.

However, Ray Krocthinks otherwise; he thought it would bring expansion and growth to the company.At this point in the film, Ray is dissatisfiedwith the profits he has gained from thebusiness so far. In addition, he haslittle or no decision-making power. Themovie depicts Ray Kroc as a business-orientedperson who would not let any opportunity slip away. He is strategical indecision making and calculative in his businessmoves. Moreover,Ray and the McDonald brothers have several disagreements by this time. At thispoint, Ray decides to become the sole owner of the company and puts forth hisproposal to the owners. Surprisingly, the McDonald brothers do not object tothe idea but seek a remuneration of twobillion dollars to be shared equally between them, along with an additional sumof seven hundred thousand dollars to pay for taxes.

They seem satisfied andhappy with the deal. Of course, at that point Ray, does not have any finances evenclose to that. It is only through his determination and his self-belief that hecan borrow from different sources andsuccessfully raise the investment to purchase the company.

The McDonald’s name isa brand equity and epitome of the business,and Ray knows how important it is for himto acquire it for him to develop itfurther.Notably,the friction between Ray and the brothers does not end here. Ray Kroc isdissatisfied because he still does not own the original McDonald’s restaurant,which was agreed in the contract, before the sale of the other chain of the McDonald’s restaurants (Dargis). Consequently, Ray Kroc opens a new McDonald’s restaurant nearthe original one.

The strategy works for him but forces the removal ofthe original McDonald restaurant which is later rebranded, yet, does not survive competition. The McDonald brothers severely underestimatethe potential of their original business.They lack the vision to foresee the fact that one day, it could be a multi-billion company established all over theworld. However, Ray seems more ambitious than the brothers and outsmarts them.From the movie, it is evident that the company grows exponentially only due tothe innovative policies of Ray Kroc.

First, the restaurant’slocation is vital to increasing business, thus,making profits. In addition, the McDonaldbrothers are rigid to change and show their desire to limit the chain ofrestaurants to only a few, which does not please Ray Kroc (Dargis). The moviedepicts some of the challenges that Ray faces in his journey of building the McDonald’sglobal business. It enlightens the viewer on Kroc’s tactical franchisee development,country-wide expansion, and the entire acquisition of McDonald’s chain ofrestaurants. Moreover,viewed from a business perspective, the rise and growthof McDonald’s to a global brand is precisely agood example of the realization of the American dream. The company has significantly impacted the world onsocial and economic fronts. The food chain has imposed the American way of life inthose parts of the world where the food chain has been readily accepted.

McDonald’s is an example of a company that has affected people’s way of life byturning itself into a global icon. Nonetheless,McDonald’s originates from the U.S., anda nation’s economic stability relies on bothlocal and universal factors. The company has continuously led to the realizationof the American dream. The chain primarily targets families through theiradvertisements which depict the joy the brand brings to them and influences a happy culture (“Globalization and ImpactOf McDonalds Globalization Commerce Essay”). Thebusiness has imposed the American eating habits in other regions of theworld.

Moreover, the company is dynamic and is moving towards the leisure andrecreational segment. In countries other than America, it helps peopleunderstand the American culture. It, therefore,qualifies McDonald as a cultural ambassador forthe American way of life. The culture isrepresented in a manner in which the business is mindful of all people,regardless of their age. Children, young couples,and parents can have services tailored for them. In the process of spreading theAmerican dream, McDonald’s has managed to overridethe native cultural practices successfully.

The fact that McDonald’s can impose its way of life and change theculture of indigenous people is one attribute which depicts its contribution tothe realization of the American dreamThe founder is a film of the rise of Ray Kroc and howhe succeeded in owning the McDonald company,despite not being the original owner. He partnered with the McDonaldbrothers and tremendously expanded the business through franchising. Today, thecompany is essential to the economy ofthe American people and positive image of its culture to the outsideworld.   

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