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A societal worker ‘s function is to supply support for people who have been socially excluded or are sing crisis. They maintain professional relationships with service users by moving as ushers or critical friends. There occupation includes working with people every bit good as working closely with other wellness and societal attention staff, such as nurses when a kid has been in infirmary.Social workers occupation includes working in a scope of scenes with relevant legal Torahs and processs, back uping persons, households and groups within the community.

The different scenes they might work in may include client ‘s place, schools, infirmaries and other public sectors and voluntary administrations.There occupation besides includes working with immature people and their households, work with immature wrongdoers, people with mental wellness conditions, school non-attendees, drug and intoxicant maltreaters, people with acquisition and physical disablements and besides the aged. The Government statute law focal point ‘ on the combination of wellness and societal work services, which means that societal workers frequently work in multidisciplinary squads.Duty of a Social WorkerThe responsibility of a societal worker is to guarantee that all households are together and are in the best relationship possible, they besides guarantee that all kids are treated good, and if non they try their best to happen a place for kids. They besides have the responsibility of maintaining kids safe from injury that has antecedently been attacked.

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There responsibility is to supply counsel and support for all users of the service and assisting the users to derive assurance and support in them.

Day to Day Activities

The twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities of a societal worker includes transporting out interviews with service users and their households to entree and reexamine their state of affairs. They besides offer information and reding support for the clients and their households, they besides recommend and sometimes do determinations about the best class of action for the client. Social workers besides make referrals for their clients for illustration referral to rehab if they have drug issues. They besides maintain records and fix studies for legal actions, by for illustration giving grounds to tribunal and take parting in meetings to supply the best service possible.

Skills and Features

Social workers need to hold certain accomplishments and features in order to full make full their responsibility.

Having the qualities of a societal worker enables them to derive occupation satisfaction. The accomplishments, features and qualities that a societal worker demands to hold is to be good at job resolution, this is because there are many state of affairss that will happen which need good job work outing. They besides need to hold the accomplishments of being a positive individual, being committed to their occupation, being socially competent, good clip direction and good communicating. Bing able to negociate is a critical accomplishment which is needed to hold the accomplishments and features of a societal worker and being able to work in a squad and co-operating when necessary.Social workers besides need cognitions and apprehension of statute laws and legal process, but if non so this can be known whilst in preparation or in instruction.


Social workers have assortment of different duties that they need to transport out professionally.

They work with different aged clients and therefore their duties differ from age groups. However the chief duties that they need to transport out are back uping clients, steering them, reding them and assisting people accept that some state of affairss can non be changed. They need to guarantee that they maintain confidentiality about all clients and do non portion any information without the permission of clients or they are able to portion information with who they think it ‘s of import to see.

Social workers are able to work either private or public sectors. However are normally employed in the populace sector by local governments. This is because there is ever a demand for societal workers as there are non many left The Independent [ 2001 ] provinces that kids are in danger because of the deficiency of societal workers.Social workers are funded by the authorities through the local governments. This is because they work in different locations such as, societal services, infirmaries, places etc and hence these sections have the major constituent of British local authorities outgo.


Teamwork is really of import during life as working with a shared group of people helps to derive success. Teamwork can be done by anyone ; it can work for societal workers or clients.

Teamwork is really of import in footings of the function of a societal worker because they need to take attention of all clients in the workplace and do certain that everything is up to professionally standard. Teamwork is of import to keep confidential information on the development of clients with themselves and other colleagues who need to cognize all this. They besides need to compose studies on the advancement of clients and households.Without teamwork societal workers will non be able to assist clients come on, the better a societal worker knows their client and the state of affairs, the better they are able to assist them come on and back up themselves.

Social workers need good communicating accomplishments as they work closely with physicians, wellness visitants and kid psychologists. An illustration where societal workers did non work as a squad was the instance of Victoria Climbie who died because of terrible physical maltreatment.Images of societal workers:The above images show that societal workers work with immature people assisting them through their jobs. They besides work with people with mental wellness conditions, school bead outs, drug and intoxicant maltreaters, people with acquisition and physical disablements and besides the aged.


Status means a individual ‘s place in a peculiar occupation. Their value in society, it is based on peoples success, gender, money and instruction.


I carried out a questionnaire to happen out what society thought about the position of a nursery nurse. To make this I had asked 10 campaigners to finish my questionnaire.

The consequences showed that 10 out of 10 campaigners said that the occupation function they consider to keep a higher position between a societal worker and nursery nurse was societal worker. This indicates that societal workers have a high position. In add-on to this I found out that 10 out of 10 campaigners said that societal workers have more societal importance in society, because of better wage, better nomenclature and they have more duty, this shows societal workers are better than nursery nurses. Furthermore I found that bulk of the people said that holding high degree of makings gives you a encouragement on the position ladder because they are so more experient in what they do.

When a individual has a grade in such a topic they are seem as, more of import in society than a nursery nurse because you can be a nursery nurse at merely making GCSEs whereas societal worker you need to be a alumnus. They besides said that position refers to how skilled you are in the society because if a individual has been in instruction for a long clip they think that, that individual has more cognition in the specific country. Therefore holding a occupation function rubric has an consequence in society on the position ladder so from a societal worker and baby’s room nurse the bulk said societal worker.Overall my questionnaire shows that bulk of my campaigners consider the occupation function of a societal worker to hold a higher societal importance than a nursery nurse. The assortment of grounds why this is the ground is mentioned in the above paragraph. Therefore this questionnaire indicates that societal workers do hold societal importance in society than a nursery nurse, chiefly because societal workers need more instruction in their specific work country.


I have researched 5 articles from different newspaper and websites that referred to what the media idea of societal workers.

I have done this to see how the media might portray a societal worker to the general populace. This will impact position.The Guardian, ( 2010 ) , implies that societal workers are non transporting out their occupation decently. This shows that societal workers are looked at negatively. The article is based on Baby P who died at 17 months due to being physically abused in 2007. The Guardian ( 2010 ) , states “ Staff at Haringey council in north London wrongly concluded that the yearling ‘s hurts were likely caused by deficiency of supervising and so used “ entirely inappropriate ” methods in his instance ” . This suggests that societal workers are non transporting out their occupation decently. In add-on the BBC ( 2002 ) , besides implied that societal workers are neglecting to make their occupations right.

The BBC ( 2002 ) , informs “ two societal workers at the bosom of the Victoria Climbie kid maltreatment dirt have been sacked for gross misconduct ” . The Free Press ( 2010 ) states “ A societal worker that admitted weaknesss across the whole scope of his pattern, while portion of a squad working with Blaenau Gwent ‘s most vulnerable kids, is get downing a biennial suspension ” . This shows another negative position of societal workers. However, The BBC ( 2010 ) shows that societal workers are making at that place really best in order to guarantee that a kid is safe at place, this shows a positive side to a societal worker.

In decision the above grounds suggests that the media perceive societal workers as non transporting their occupations out right. Although there was some positive articles found the bulk articles were negative, hence this shows that the media can strongly impact the position of a occupation function through the manner it is communicated to people, it might be said the occupation function ‘Social Worker ‘ has a low position, hence the media affects position.


The makings that a societal worker demands to hold a three-year honours grade or a post-graduate making in societal work. They need to hold 200 yearss of pattern acquisition. This ensures that people have the practical accomplishments required of them, they besides have the first 6 hebdomads of employment societal attention workers will be given initial instruction preparation, which helps to widen accomplishments and experience for societal workers. Other makings that are needed is the National Vocational Qualification ( NVQ ) , which has now become a portion of the makings needed for employees who want to hold a calling in societal attention.

Qualifications that may profit societal workers are being educated further in the specific country they are working in and obtaining experiences. This is because the more a individual knows and understands about being societal workers the more they will be able to accomplish satisfaction in their occupation. The more qualified a societal worker is the more they are able to travel up in the position ladder.

Career patterned advance

Having a societal worker calling gives many chances to travel into a different path for a calling such as being a counselor because of they can utilize the accomplishments that has been gained from societal working, they can go a team leader or director in the scene.Social workers can come on in their calling by taking to derive some other makings such as working in different scenes e.g. working with public, private and voluntary sector as this can come on their calling.

By working in different scenes this can assist in understanding how to transport out different occupation functions in different scenes for illustration working straight with the people e.g. as a councellor.

They can besides come on by taking other different functions such as more managent functions e.g. working as a squad leader.They can besides alter and come on calling by working in the same function but working with a peculiar group of people to be able to widen their experience and specialise in a apraticular country such as working with kids with larning disablements.

Local factors

In this subdivision I will be measuring what I have researched about local factors that affect occupation chances in my country. Local factors, which influence occupation chances, are ; occupation vacancies, conveyance such as coachs, taxis, autos or rhythms.

It besides can act upon or impact occupation chances because of lodging, the workplace and besides because of occupations.In the Lancashire country there are many Social workers occupations available in big topographic points. Therefore, societal workers from smaller towns are able to entree larger communities were more occupations are available.Qualified societal workers in the populace sector in England are eligible for aid so there are able to purchase places near or off from work. Housing is a job for all most every occupation if they are in large metropoliss such as London, Manchester. This is because the lodging monetary values are high and hence some people can non afford it and so they might lose out on the occupation or they pay supernumeraries on conveyance to acquire to and from work, and hence this affects occupation chances.

However if workers receive aid from the authorities so this can enable societal workers to acquire occupations in bigger countries such as London where occupations are ever available.However forensic societal worker occupations are available because they are enrolling qualified forensic societal workers. These are provided by a private infirmary in Bury. This gives societal workers a possibility to supply services to the patients in the infirmary.In Lancashire there is a deficit of societal workers due to old instances such as Baby Peter and Victoria Climbie, because of these instances societal workers are non put under force per unit area as they can non let the same state of affairs to go on once more as this will ensue in utmost steps such as public non being able to swear them and they all lose their occupations. As a consequence of deficit of staff there is work load on all staff because there has been a high rise in instances. As mentioned before in the blessing subdivision, many people do non desire a calling in societal working because of the negative images that the media has portrayed about them.

There are around 323 kids in Lancashire are being cared for in other parts of the state, as there are n’t plenty societal workers in this country.Research has been done on societal workers and to see what has happened due to the deficit of them, and from the community attention case-load study [ 2010 ] , it can therefore conclude that societal workers have 40case tonss each because of the rise in instances. This can impact occupation chance because this can do jobs for clients and societal workers themselves because they may be under emphasis taking them in non being able to supply the best service for clients.

This can impact occupation chance because some workers may non be able to get by with the work load and hence taking them in non remaining in a occupation like this.

National and Political Factors

In this subdivision I will be measuring what I have researched about the National and Political factors that affect occupation chances. The 2010 disbursement reappraisal states that about 490.000 public sector occupations are likely to be lost. Social workers faced 25 % cut in October 2010 disbursement reappraisal, it consequences in a support spread of ?2.2bn and this manner merely one in four aged people will have aid from the council. This shows that societal workers will non be able to care for all clients that need aid and support.As a consequence of the occupation cutsjob chances have been affected because societal workers occupation are non be available in smaller countries.

1,000 occupations are expected to be cut in 2010 and 2013, so ?80million can be saved. This shows that occupation chances are affected because there will be idle workers who might non be able to happen available in smaller countries.The 2005 European directive stated that societal workers need to run at both local and planetary degrees. This means that they need to be cognizant of both local and planetary degrees so they are able to work in different scenes. The 2005 European directive introduced a new grade degree professional making. After this was introduced about, 10,000 societal workers had applied to the UK, in order for them to derive the pattern that is needed for this occupation.

This shows that occupation chance has been affected because many societal workers applied for this degree degree professional making and hence there will be many of them using for occupations nevertheless they may non be plenty for everyone.Many people may be attracted to this occupation function because societal workers are entitled to non-repayable bursaries through the NHS Business Services Authority Prescription Pricing Division. This affects occupation chance because more people will desire to work as they do n’t necessitate to pay for their classs as it is NHS funded.

Public sector workers face wage freezings and possible occupation cuts in the exigency budgets. This hits around four in 10 workers including societal workers. This shows that societal workers are non acquiring paid for their occupation which affects occupation chance because they are non acquiring paid.

Demographic Factors:

Demography means the survey of human population in a state for illustration in the UK, this research would include facets such as universe population, composing, birth, ageing, migration, race, decease and alteration over clip.

This is used by authoritiess and other non authorities ‘s administrations because the authorities demand to understand and analyze more about the populations so they are cognizant of the states status such as the economic market research. For illustration if there are a rise of births in the UK so there might be a rise in kid maltreatment therefore they need to guarantee adequate societal workers are available.The alterations in the population affects occupation chances because as the population keeps turning so the more people there will be desiring occupations, hence there may be tonss of people who want the same occupation, nevertheless can non acquire the occupations because the occupation handiness may be limited. Social workers are more known for holding female gender workers every bit high as 79 % whereas male workers every bit low as 20 % .

This might be because people think females have better connexion with people, as they are reasonably positive and are good at job work outing and multi-tasking.Research shows that in 1993 adult females aged 20-24years were in cohabited relationships and holding kids. Therefore this shows that there are a figure of kids increasing, this can take to more societal workers needed if there are kids e.g. acquiring maltreatment or have drug issues etc. This besides can propose that if there are non plenty societal workers so the work load for societal workers can go high because in some countries such as in Lancashire there is a deficit of societal workers.

The BBC News [ 2009 ] suggested that there is a deficiency of societal workers because in 2008 there was up to a 3rd of stations that were unfilled. This shows that societal workers are needed but people are non taking these stations, possibly because of the force per unit area it puts them under. This shows that occupation chances are affected because there are people who are non taking the available occupations.The societal workers that have a high age have more experience in the societal worker industry. The diagram shows that 25years or more have 20 % more experience and hence this may halt from younger workers in acquiring a occupation because the senior coevals are non go forthing their occupation because they need to supply [ expression at appendices ] . The more experient societal workers the more experient fortunes will be seen and be able to move consequently without fail.

Development of New Technology:

It is of import that everybody who works in both public and private sectors to derive new engineering accomplishments as this is created to assist people in their day-to-day lives. Therefore it is of import that societal workers use the accomplishments required, this is because societal workers can utilize computing machines to derive better entree to their instance surveies instead than looking through a heap of documents.

It is besides of import that even though new engineerings are created for both work and place intents it is of import they have a back-up of what they do. This can impact occupation chances because there may be societal workers who are much older and are non cognizant of the new engineerings and hence they can non transport out their occupation decently or they may be made replaced.Social workers need to hold IT accomplishments because they will be able to update, alter take any information really rapidly and easy. Social workers can merely type a name in their database and all the information that is required will be at that place depending on who inserted the information.

Conditionss of work

Social workers have picks whether they want to work full clip or portion clip, this is because they will hold different occupation chances. For illustration a societal worker who is making a portion clip occupation, can besides finish a portion clip making such as a Masterss degree.The on the job conditions that a societal worker, works in are parttime or full-time. There working hours are usually 37 hours per hebdomad.

However in residential scenes this may be different hours, depending on which clients they are working with.Social workers have a batch of paper work that they need to make and question that they need to make and reexamine and therefore this can be both emotionally honoring if they win a instance but there occupation can besides be really demanding. Therefore the work conditions are different depending on the individual and the work topographic point, for illustration in some countries there is a deficit of societal workers and hence other societal workers have a heavy work load.


Social workers get a good wage, nevertheless the more the experience and qualifications the more wage they are entitled to. For illustration a societal workers get downing wage is about ?19,500 in the UK. However the more experience and makings some societal workers are entitled to acquire a wage of about ?40,000 per twelvemonth. This shows that they pay is good for novices and the more experient and besides for the populace sector because they get paid more than those in the private sector, research showed this.


Social workers who workA full-time have a statutory right to 28 daysHYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” ‘HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: //www.adviceguide. ” paid one-year leave, including bank and public vacations. Other workers who are irreverent clip besides have vacations but this may non be paid leave. They besides get paid on paid leave, this is about 5.

6 hebdomads. This is similar to what a instructor gets when they are on vacation nevertheless primary instructors, high school instructors etc acquire more vacations, this is because when pupils have vacations, instructors do to, even though it may non let them to hold a vacation because of the sum of work they might necessitate to tag. Therefore this is good for societal workers because there has been research done and shown that societal workers in the populace sector have more yearss than those in the private sector.

Hour/Work form

Working hours are usually 37- 40 hours per hebdomad, 5 times a twenty-four hours. They work from 8am – 5pm every twenty-four hours.

Job security

Social workers all have good occupation security because the telegraph showed that there is a “ continued high demand and force per unit area on societal services and health care, ” However though there is a high demand for societal workers, there are many workers who have left the occupation because of the force per unit area and emphasis that has been put on them and hence they left. Therefore this shows that to some extent there is occupation security, nevertheless this is non the instance all the clip.

Pension rights

When societal workers work in the populace sector some of their pay gets taken of them and directly into their pension history for future demands, this is money that workers in a populace sector do non see. However in the private sector the workers themselves have to ask on their pension strategies.

However research has shown that ‘social workers have to pay an excess ?75 a month in to their pensions if the authorities ‘s program to increase employee parts goes in front in 2012 ‘ .

Over clip

Four in 10 societal workers have ‘unmanageable ‘ caseloads therefore they work overtime and some administrations give overtime wage whereas some do non give overtime wage. However sometimes, some administrations pay societal workers if they work overtime nevertheless it ‘s non really easy to acquire.

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is when an person is content with their profession.

When person feels he/she is capable and has value within their occupation, this helps them experience worthy of acknowledgment.One manner to accomplish occupation satisfaction within a company is to advance the employee ‘s teamwork qualities, as this motivates the person and is a good manner to construct his/her satisfaction. It is important that his/her co-workers help manage work jobs and offer support.

Consequently, this encourages people to experience their work is meaningful, honorable and so it allows the person to esteem others environing him every bit good as construct a close relationship with co-workers. In order for a societal worker to derive occupation satisfaction they need to be self-asserting and be able to negociate on behalf of their clients and colleagues. Bing able to analyze and measure state of affairss shows that an person is good at their occupation and shows they enjoy it, as they know what they are making, this shows that societal workers can derive occupation satisfaction by being reasonably confident in the manner they carry out their occupation, pull offing their clip good and at the same clip being dependable to complete a undertaking when given.Another manner for an person to non hold occupation satisfaction within a company is when they are non promoted by the employee ‘s teamwork qualities, as this stops actuating the person. Besides when there wage is non plenty for them, they may get down to slack in working, as they want to acquire the pint across that they are non acquiring paid sufficiency for the occupation they are transporting out.

Or person can non be satisfied in their occupation because they have n’t got any friendly colleagues and the ambiance is non a great topographic point to be, therefore this can take to dissatisfying occupation function. For an person to derive satisfaction in their occupation they can better the environment by seeking to pass on with other colleagues and see whether they have any similar attractive forces or disfavors, they may work together on a instance given to them to work as a squad, they can listen to each others ideas to assist the instance to be finished.

Client results

The result that societal workers want is for all service users to hold the best service provided. Their results besides includes offering and mentioning clients to relevant services, to be able to back up and steer their clients and do them able to be on their ain at times. It is of import that societal workers achieve all their results because if they have non so it can take to unprofessionalism and instances like Victoria Climbie and Baby Peter.


Stressors means when an person is taking on an activity, experience, status, or a occupation state of affairs, which causes them to emphasize.

For illustration ; Social workers have a batch of emphasis and things on their head because of the sum of work load they have to cover with, function struggle, function ambiguity and household struggle. Other force per unit areas related to being a societal worker are holding a tight agenda and besides occupation public presentation as societal workers are stigmatised by the media for non making their occupation decently so this puts more force per unit area on them. The Guardian, ( 2010 ) , implies that societal workers are non transporting out their occupation decently. The article is based on Baby P who died at 17 months due to being physically abused in 2007. The Guardian ( 2010 ) , states “ Staff at Haringey council in north London wrongly concluded that the yearling ‘s hurts were likely caused by deficiency of supervising and so used “ entirely inappropriate ” methods in his instance ” .Another nerve-racking factor is seeking to keep a good relationship with foremans, co-workers and their clients. If job-related emphasis is terrible this can ensue in physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. This type of occupation related emphasis occurs chiefly in persons who feel that they as a individual and the work they do are non recognised.

Research from Oxford diaries shows societal workers who found their occupation fulfilling felt that it was much pressured and that this adversely affected the service they provided. Social workers have indicated high degrees of general anxiousness. The psychological wellness steps have besides found that in these professions if people do endure from exhaustion they can possibly travel on a ill leave as they are known to take twice every bit much sick leave from work. The Daily Mail ( 2009 ) ‘social workers take more ill yearss than any other public service professional. ‘

Anti Discriminatory Practice

Anti Discriminatory Practice is a system to assist battle against favoritism in the workplace.

This pattern helps forestall favoritism against race, category, gender, disablement, age, homosexualism, domestic position, transgender, carers ‘ duty and others. This pattern takes into history how an single behaves towards other persons in the work topographic point and out of work topographic points. All employees in the societal worker sector take on this pattern so there is no favoritism on the work evidences and promote equality for the employees and its clients.

Sex Discrimination Act

The Sex Discrimination Act helps protect females and males from favoritism.

This Act protects people from being discriminated on the footing of gender, matrimonial position, gestation, work adjustments, services, installations and many more. This act besides creates quality for both males and females in the work topographic point. This is an of import jurisprudence within the societal work evidences because it is of import for all employees to handle everyone every bit without know aparting who they wish to work with.

Race Relations Act

The Race Relations Act is a Law in the work topographic point that prevents favoritism on the evidences of race. This jurisprudence includes protection from favoritism of race, coloring material, nationality, cultural or national beginning, and many more.

This is so that males and females from any cultural background have the same equality as others in the work topographic point. Social workers work with different people around the state, they will run into different people with different cultural backgrounds and it is their occupation to do certain that all people are safe from maltreatment and favoritism.

DDA 1995

The Disability Discrimination Act is a civil rights jurisprudence, which prevents favoritism of handicapped persons, and has the same equal rights as others in the work topographic point. It is of import that people maintain these regulations and ordinances for the protection of the workers in the work topographic point. Social workers help different people, these can be able-bodied people or handicapped people and it is their occupation to take attention of everyone from maltreatment and other signifiers of force as handicapped people are more prone to it.

The wellness and safety ( first assistance ) ordinance

Health and safety nowadayss ordinances on the duties to continue safe, clean and protected work milieus. In the societal worker section it is necessary for them to transport out first assistance, hazard appraisals, working safely in the kitchen and many more to maintain themselves and others from hazard of infection and disease.

Workplace ( Health, safety and public assistance ) ordinances

The workplace ordinances 1992 province that the workplace should be safe and secure for the employers and others who are present at the work topographic point.

Therefore it is of import for societal workers to take attention of colleagues every bit good as clients who are present in the edifice or they will be responsible to what happens.

Condemnable Records Bureau ( CRB cheque )

The CRB service enables workplaces in the populace, private and voluntary sector to do safe enlisting determinations. The CRB cheque would look into each person who wants to acquire a occupation, this is so vulnerable persons such as the aged and kids are in safe custodies. It is vitally of import for societal workers to hold a CRB cheque before going one, this is because they will be working with vulnerable kids and hence the kids need to be in safe custodies so they are non in a terrifying environment.

Life Quality Factors

Social workers can hold societal contact with everyone in the workplace, employees and clients because they all will be pass oning and hence acquiring to cognize each other to understand the instance better and be able to supply the best service possible.

Effective communicating is necessary so societal workers are able to pass on with all clients efficaciously so they understand the issues that have been presented to them.Social workers besides need to supply just intervention ; this is because they will be working with different people such as people with mental unwellnesss. Treating all clients harmonizing to their demands and non handling person more particular than another because there are a assorted different instances which had more affect on one individual more than another. Therefore societal workers need to handle each client consequently. For illustration ; assisting a traumatised individual to derive assurance in them.

Social workers besides have stimulation in their occupation because it is a demanding occupation and can be emotionally honoring. For illustration: assisting a service user to halt holding drugs.Social workers besides need societal support because they are normally under emphasis and force per unit area and hence necessitate support if they break down. Therefore they are able to speak to colleagues and counselors to assist them with their jobs.Social worker besides uses confidentiality and privateness because they carry of import sensitive information on clients and hence necessitate to keep confidentiality and the trust if their clients.They besides use psychological security in their occupation because they need to be protective on their clients and their colleagues from any injury. All employees will hold ID badges so that all people are acknowledgment.Social workers have pick in their calling, this is because they help do picks in state of affairss and assist steer the clients.Social worker uses blessing because they ask permission from their clients if they wish to take a relevant measure in doing their personal life better.

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