The killings and etc., most likely happens whenever a

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            The story took place after a GreatWar in America. At the time, there were poverty, massive killings, cannibalism,and other immoral things which we perceive today as social deviances.

Situationslike massive killings and etc., most likely happens whenever a certain countryis in shortage of their needs or in a state of undersupply. According to my ownanalysis there were 3 scarcities in accordance to the film. First, food andwater supply, an essential natural human need; Second, education which led to theinexistency of “economy”; lastly, the bible which contains the moral laws ofhuman beings. Scarcity is considered as an essential economic problem. This iswhy there were massive chaos after having these deficiencies. The story isabout a visually impaired man, Eli, travelling to places carrying a King JamesBible with him, in search of a reliable person to pass the word of God toeveryone. However, there were people who believed that the word of God is thecause of chaos, war and poverty in the land thus they burned all the sacredscriptures they could find.

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On that occasion, a powerful man wanted to possessthat remaining book and did whatever he can and spent whatever he has in orderto obtain it.              Most ofthe plots in the film happened because of the country unable to providesufficient needs for the people. The first scarcity I have mentioned is foodand water supply. In the story, food resources is insufficient in their countrytherefore forcing people to do human cannibalism. Human cannibalism happenswhenever a human being eats its own kind. In the film, cannibalism is shown inthe house of a married couple, George and Martha. Eli noticed that Martha’shands were shivering while serving the tea to the guests. After serving theirguest’s tea, the couple immediately showed Eli and Solara the graves in theirbackyard.

Eli, an educated man, immediately responded to leaving the house ashe has recognized that the graves in their backyard are the remains of thecouple’s victims and Martha showing signs of cannibalism. Another scene showingpoverty in food resource is when Solara is helping a woman, who she thought wasa lonely/lost woman, in the middle of a desert. The woman, who happens to be aprostitute and used as a bait, ordered Solara to leave and warned her that shewill get eaten alive if she stays. This woman appeared in the first scene inthe movie.

Her role was also to bait people, steal their things and eat them.However she and her company failed to bait Eli, therefore she offered him herwater and food in order for him to spare her. Eli didn’t take her food and sparedher life eventually.

The second scarcity is the lack of education. The lack ofeducation in the movie led to the inexistence of economy. Economy’s part in thesociety is important because it organizes the trading, and preserves the needsof an individual in the society. The lack of education is also important in orderfor the people to have access in reading the bible. It can also give peopleaccess to the logical thinking or common sense.

When a person is educated, heor she can be useful in the society by gaining/cultivating a profession suchas: engineer, scientist, journalist, and other occupations that can give a tremendousbenefit and serve in the society. The lack of professionals is shown in thefilm when Eli had to travel to East to find an engineer that can charge his iPod.The lack of education is shown in the movie where Carnegie, a powerful man inthe East, wanted to put the last copy of Bible under his possession thuscommanding his errand boys to get it for him. The errand boys however could notfind it for the reason that they cannot read.

Solara in the film is also anuneducated woman in the film. The last scarce I have mentioned is the Bible. TheBible is important in the individual’s life as it is the word of God.

The wordof God plays a significant role in the human society because it contains oldestvaluable information, which is consequential in the history of humanity. Italso holds information such as the moral laws of human beings, the reason ofhuman existence, the creation of the world and creatures, and its creator. The Bibleis the purpose of Eli’s long travels. The visually impaired man travels on footwith his faith in God. In the movie, it is shown that the scarcity of Bible resultedto people doing immortal sins.

They are unconscious with the lessons of thebible, which allowed them to do sinful acts. The Bible’s laws serves as people’sguide in living a peaceful life. Therefore without it, it will cause worldchaos related to what is shown in the film. Carnegie said in the movie that theBible is the root cause of massive destruction in the society. However with theabsence of the sacred scriptures, brought extra damage and chaos in thesociety.

The absence of law instructors, law enforcers, and etc, brought moreconflict in the society. The movie proved that prostitution is the oldest/earliestform of sin in human history and this has happened long before the Bibleexisted. There is an abundant sins humans will perform without the bible justlike in the film, the Book of Eli.

            In conclusion,I determined that the significant scarcity in the film is the shortage of foodand water supply because its effects led to spontaneous murder cases. As everyoneknows, food and water supply are essential natural needs to human beings. Itgive them nutrients to live the day or it will lead them to starvation orworse, death. The movie is an eye opener to what may happen if ever apost-apocalyptic war will occur.

It also shows what happens in a country when thereis laws, trading policies and etc. The film also shows how the people will bewithout the existence of the Bible. In our Theology class, we were taught thatthe sacred scriptures were written long before however it was assembled laterin 1800’s. Relating that learning to the film I find the importance of books’ orderlinessas Eli dictates the Bible stories in orderly form. I did not realize that Eliwas visually impaired until the Bible was shown and flashbacks were displayed.With Eli’s faith, he was able to survive obstacles and attained his objective.

God really does performs miracles in his own possible ways. 

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