The knew that his brother wouldn’t let him.

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The guy on the $100 bill” we may all refer to him as.

He used his intellect and humor to win friendship which built up French support  for the American independence struggle ( was a very skillful man. He was skilled at manipulating the Official French perceptions of America. As an American envoy, Franklin, took plains to display the traits of honesty, altruism, and common sense that were reflected in his “Poor Richard’s Almanac” and for which he was widely admired. His clothes and mannerisms showed his image as a friendly, humble, and industrious American (cia.

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gov/Benjamin-Franklin). In a place where slavery was universal to the nation’s prosperity, Benjamin Franklin was able to use his reason to deduce the immorality of slavery and would go on to organize on of the first anti-slavery societies in the U.S. ( Franklin was made a military commander because of his experience.Born in Boston on January 17,1706, he was the tenth son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. He rose to the highest level of society with only two years of formal education.

(  At an early age, Franklin loved to read. Benjamin always wanted to write for the paper but he knew that his brother wouldn’t let him. So, Benjamin began writing letters at night and signing them with a name of a fictional widow “Silence Dogood” (USHistory.

org>franklin>info).  Franklin was the first one to present the union of the colonies for common defense as a politician. He somehow got accused as a royalist but when time came around he stood up for freedom becoming one of the Founding Fathers (

 In 1754, meeting of colonial representatives in Albany, New York, Franklin came up with a plan of uniting the colonies  under a national congress but his plan got rejected. This helped with the groundwork of the Articles of Confederation. This became the first constitution of the United States when ratified in 1781 (

 Franklin was the famous American in the world at the time, on May 5, 1775, when he returned to the colonies weeks after the first shots of the war were fired at Lexington and Concord, he was elected as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress (  Franklin was a delegate at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Many of the representatives had different ideas about how the nation should be organized, including Franklin. He believed that “executive power was too great to be placed in the hands of one person and that a committee was a much better option ( Franklin).

His most important contributions were his pragmatic compromise and strong desire for unity ( He favored a unicameral legislature. Franklin helped pave a way for what is now the “Great Compromise.” On September of 1787, the Constitution was finished. Franklin wrote a profound speech, in which he tried to use his powers and strength to get delegates to sign the Constitution ( Franklin didn’t exactly agree with everything that was written down in the constitution but he sure knew that some things would change.

Like he said, I confess, that I do not entirely approve of this Constitution at present; but Sir, I am not sure I shall never approve it…. Thus I consent, Sir, to this Constitution, because I expect no better, and because I am not sure that it is not the best (Benjamin Franklin) ( his lifetime, Benjamin Franklin is known to be many things, a printer, philosopher, an author, scientist, and mainly an inventor. When Ben Franklin wasn’t trying to save the world, he would work on one of his inventions; The Franklin Stove.

In the early America, most families required the use fireplaces as a way to keep them warm ( This was  something that was used by most people despite the fact that it causes a lot of smoke which is not good for their health and also it requires an extraordinary amount of firewood. Benjamin Franklin realized that these issues needed to be resolved with a safer heating method a cast iron stove. Today it is better known as the Franklin stove.

Some people are known to be nearsighted and farsighted. Have you ever thought of how people in Franklin’s time would manage without the use of glasses? Well thanks to Benjamin’s invention of the Bifocals, people who struggled with their vision were able to benefit from his invention. Franklin himself was a person who had vision problems. We all know that there was an average person who must have created the first glasses but Franklin made them with an upper for distance and lower for reading which made it unique ( Benjamin Franklin one of our main founding fathers.

He was a man with many traits.     

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