The Labryinth of Horror

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Last updated: September 22, 2020
One of America’s First Serial Killers
Dr. Henry Howard Holmes
Henry practiced surgery on animals as young child and may be responsible in one of his friends death
Start of the Murder Castle
In 1886 Holmes moved to Chicago, Illinois. He found work in a pharmacy and the owner went missing mysteriously.
The Result
Homes had the building constructed into three stories of an ‘elaborate house of horrors’
What he did with it
In 1893 he used the building as a hotel for the visitors coming into town for the world fair.
The horrors behind the walls
Holmes would seduce and draw in women to kill them, others he would offer employment, those to, ‘vanished’
Holmes was caught on an insurance fraud charge, later the police discovered the murders.
Through the stories, between the numbers of 20-200 people were killed by Henry Holmes
Reality of the crimes
with the numbers Holmes is said to have killed, he surpassed Ted Bundy and John Gacy with his murders
His end
Henry was hung May 7th, 1896 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
His horror lives on
Many documentaries and books have been made about him, The 2003 movie ‘ The Devil in the White City’ is also about him

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