The Little Match Girl

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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: The Little Match Girl The Little Match Girl is a short fairly tale presented by Danish. It narrates about the dying little girl’s dreams and hopes in life. The little girl faced many hardships in her life especially hunger and cold in the street in an attempt to sell matches. Her father sent her to sell matches in the street hungry and barefoot.

She suffers a lot and still goes home without selling the matches. She then decides to huddle herself in a corner because of the cold and lights a match in order to keep herself warm. While in the corner, she suddenly sees a vision of a lovely Christmas tree and a holiday feast. She lights another match and this time walks round, sees a shooting star, and remembers her grandmother’s interpretations of the falling stars. She keeps lighting the matches one by one in order to keep her wonderful vision, which she hoped could help her overcome the hardships of selling the matches while hungry and walking bare footed in the street. In this book, the little girl must confront many hardships, and she tries to overcome them in several ways. First, the little girl faced hunger problems because she had been in the street the whole day without even selling the matches to buy food.

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The girl was afraid of going back home because the father would beat her. The girl did not sell the matches and knew that going back home without money, would make her sleep hungry due to their state of poverty. The poor little girl decided to confront this adversity through chasing the dream that she hoped would lessen her problems. In the dream of the Christmas tree, the little girl saw a white tablecloth with splendid porcelain service and different food. She hoped to reach the dinner table and get the food, but unfortunately, the burning flame went off and the corner turned cold and dark making it difficult for the girl to reach the food. However, the girl did not succeed to get food, but she eventually overcame this hardship when they ascended into heaven with her grandmother.

Secondly, the little girl faced the problem of coldness due to walking in the winter season bare footed. The girl was given matches to sell during the winter season, and the snow was falling too fast. This made her body start freezing thus she decided to huddle in the corner in order to avoid the cold in the street. Moreover, while in the street, she had poor clothing and no shoes, this made fer extremely cold.

In the corner, she felt somehow relieved because the houses prevented her from the cold. Nevertheless, the girl attempts to overcome this hardship of coldness through lighting the matches, which she was selling in order to keep herself warm. She started lighting the matches one after another until she felt warm. The burning flame, which resembled a candle light, gave her a warm and bright light. She stretched her freezing feet and fingers near the flame in order to warm them thus overcome the coldness adversity.

The little girl also experiences the lack of love and care from her parents especially her father. The Little Match Girl is full of sadness because of the problems the she undergoes. The girl is still young, but is given matches to sell in order to generate income for the family. This income is for use in catering for their needs at home. Her father does not care if the matches have been sold because what he wants is money. This is an indication that the little girl lacks care and love from her father.

Nevertheless, the father does not care if the extremely cold conditions will make the girl sick. In addition, she lacks love from her father who leaves her to sell the matches in the street on an empty stomach. The little girl tries to overcome this hardship by deciding not to return home but rather seeks to stay outside. From her vision, she recalls the way her grandmother loved and cared for her. Thus, the girl kept lighting the matches and crying to her grandmother who later took her into heaven. This is where she overcame the difficulties and thus found love and care from God. The character became successful through the process of lighting the matches, she saw a vision of a Christmas tree and suddenly a falling star.

This star reminded her about her grandmother and the story that the falling star meant that someone died and their soul ascends to heaven. The little girl kept lighting the matches in order to keep the presence of her grandmother. The girl hoped for love and care from her grandmother whom she saw in the vision. She started crying calling for her grandmother while lighting the matches to avoid her grandmother from vanishing. She burnt the whole bundle of matches to keep the presence of her grandmother. The little girl successful managed to keep her grandmother who eventually appeared and flew with the girl upwards. She felt the love and joy that she had longed for a long time, and they both moved far above the ground where there was no cold, hunger or pain and sufferings for they were with God. In conclusion, The Little Match Girl is a short story portraying the way many children living under poverty face hardships.

The book reveals the way the little girl must overcome hardships such as hunger, cold as well as lack of love and care from parents. The girl overcame these hardships, especially the cold through lighting the matches to keep herself warm. From her vision, she hoped for care and love from her grandmother. Thus, she keeps lighting the matches until she completes the entire bundle in the process of trying to keep the presence of her grandmother. Eventually, the girl is raised up thus she dies and the girl’s soul is taken into heaven by her grandmother. In heaven, the girl successfully overcame her adversities that she was undergoing while she was in the earth.

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