The main aspects of the economic boom in the 1920’s

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I will be describing the main aspects of the economic boom in the 1920’s. There were many aspects which interlinked to cause this economic boom; such as the car industry, electricity, entertainment, shopping and construction. As one industry boomed, so did the others. There was a growth in car sales; they were mass-produced and cheap so that most Americans were able to afford them. Henry Ford was associated with the car industry.

He said that he would produce a car, built from the best materials and many people would buy the car. His creation was very successful as in the first year, 10,000 cars were sold. He became a very wealthy man.He built these cars using mass production methods.

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This development of mass production, led to the growth in car production and organisation. Therefore there was an increase in on the demand for glass, rubber and steel, in which those industries then boomed. The cars had an effect on standard, everyday life, people were now able to travel more conveniently and purposely, and have more time for themselves. They can also benefit, by knowing how to drive.

Since there would be more cars on the roads, more petrol will be purchased and therefore that industry will increase. The electrical industry had boomed a lot.By 1929 many people had electricity in their homes. Gradually, more factories were run by electricity. Because America developed in the world of electricity, many domestic goods such as cookers, Vacuum cleaners, electric lights, toasters, freezers, refrigerators, radios, washing machines and microwaves came about.

This changed society and their lifestyles. There was an increase in sales on electrical products. Electrical products made life easier for people, especially women.

They could put the clothes to wash in the washing machine and then they would have free time for themselves while the clothes are washing, to go out shopping.Refrigerators allowed people to buy food in bulk and store it. This means they would have bought more than usual when going shopping; therefore supermarkets would be gaining more money, booming the industry. Vacuum cleaners meant no more sweeping the floor, it was now a quicker and easier job to do in less time and also gaining more leisure time. People now had all this free leisure time. During this time they could enjoy the entertainment, such as reading newspapers and magazines, watching sport, going to the cinema and listening to the radio. Many newspapers and magazines circulated more.

The Daily News was the first tabloid paper published. This industry created jobs and informed people about what was going on in the world. Sport became popular, and was a business which money was made.

Baseball was the most popular game; football and boxing were also enjoyed. Radios also became available. People were now able to have access to what was going on around the world. There was now extra information, before it was quite limited information. New jobs were also created. Hollywood became the film-making capital and going to the cinema became a very popular leisure activity in America.There was a cinema in almost every town.

This was a mass-production industry. These entertainment industries became very popular indeed, as many people had more free time to enjoy them, the industries boomed. Many chain stores opened in the cities. A range of goods were now available. Clothing for women were now being mass-produced, there were also sizes to fit different sized women with many styles and materials. Clothing sales increased. Shopping became a mass consumer society and developed the economic boom.

These big stores in cities, created jobs, had cheaper products, increased the industry, had more variety and choice and there was less unemployment. There was also mail-order catalogues. Goods could now be delivered much easily by mail-order. The number of these companies grew a great deal. New fabrics became cheaper so many people could afford them, such as rayon. Stockings were made from rayon, this was a luxury item. In 1930, 300 million pairs were sold. Many women used their free leisure time to come and do shopping for themselves, and because there were so many women shopping, the stores profited a lot of money.

The American construction industry was very busy. Because so many industries were growing, many of them demanded new factories. Buildings were constructed to cater for these new industries. There was a boom in office building as banks, insurance and advertising companies and showrooms for cars and new electrical products increased a great deal.

Many people were employed in the building industry; they built many roads to cater for the number of increasing cars. Buildings began to get bigger, taller, and grander. Because of the great growth in this industry, hospitals, schools and other public buildings were constructed.

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