The man who mistook his wife for a hat summary

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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: The man who mistook his wife for a hat summary P is a music tutor who visits a neurologist, Oliver sacks, through the referral by his ophthalmologist after some of his students doubt his perception ability. On his initial visit, the doctor notices that P faces him with his ears as opposed to eyes. The second visit also shows his situation has not improved. However, this time he is able to recognize the flower after encouragement to speculate on what it is. From this time, he is encouraged to use this cantatory method of compensating. In this way he continues with his professional life without anyone’s notice. His failure to diagnose the disease develops although he works with normalcy to the end of his days.

Summary of chromium essay This essay forms part of Primo Levi’s industrial detective stories whereby he accounts on how solves various chemical problems. During a piece of his chemical and statistical detection, the scientist becomes suspicious regarding an unchallenged recipe whereby the methodology requires the addition of twenty three drops of a given reagent. His investigation finds that the original direction was to add two to three drops as opposed to the twenty three drops. The experiment resulted in the accidental discovery of the chromium element of the periodic table.

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However, this was accepted as a form of an anti-livering preventive. Luckily the scientist had safely written the formulas that now lie at the shores of a lake after preventive covering by chromate anti-rust paint.

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