The model of post-partum depression tested on how

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 The sourcesthat were collected under this research were based upon post-partum depressionbeing associated to having negative effects in an infant’s development. Thefirst source utilized was Maternaldepression and child development by the Canadian Pediatric Society whichhighlights the significance of post-partum depression within a mother’sinteraction with the child and how it affects an infant’s development throughadolescence in a cognitive and behavioral aspect.

It discusses additional riskfactors like “poverty, marital conflicts, and stressful environmental triggers”that adds on to the mother’s post-partum depression leading to a negativeimpact a child’s critical period during their mental and socioemotional development.The second source applied was PostpartumDepression Effects on Early Interactions, Parenting, and Safety Practices: AReview by Tiffany Field where it discusses the effects of interactions andparenting techniques that a mother uses while being diagnosed with post-partumdepression. It emphasizes how the insufficient care that mothers give cangradually affect the child’s health that result in serious consequencesemotionally, physically, and mentally. The third source was Social Support, Infant Temperament, andParenting Self-Efficacy: A Mediational Model of Postpartum Depression by CarolynE. Cutrona and Beth R. Troutman where it focuses on a model of post-partumdepression tested on how an infant’s temperamental complications and a certainlevel of social support received would affect a mother’s post-partumdepression.

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Also, the mother perceives the notion of “self-efficacy” in herparenting role not understanding the implications it can have in an infant’sgrowth. The sources that were introduced above display the distinct aspects thata child can be affected through post-partum depression which is an urgent issuethat needs to be addressed and thoroughly comprehended.             Thefuture sources that will be applied during this research will be from academicscholarly articles to provide accurate information about the studies conductedand details obtained. There is this journal named Infant Behavior and Development by Tiffany Field based upon aninfant’s cognitive, emotional, and motor development. It connects post-partumdepression and an infant’s development withbreastfeeding and anti-depressants. Which goes in depth on the importanceof breastfeeding and how it is not done since mothers are worried about how theantidepressants will affect the child.

However, with the absence ofbreastfeeding there is not an established attachment or connection beingcultivated within the mother and child thus affecting the child’s nourishmentand emotional/mental stability. Besides that, I will be using the Journal of the American Board of FamilyMedicine which is based on clinical research that touches upon certaininterventions that must be considered to further consider a recommendation fora practice that can be a potential solution. There is this article under thisjournal that is called PostpartumDepression Screening: Importance, Methods, Barriers, and Recommendations forPractice which reflects how a screening can improve post-partum depressiondiagnosis rate. It can ensure an effective treatment plan that can enhance thecare of the mother’s condition and inhibit the negative outcome for the infant.The last source will be from the journal Childpsychiatry and human development that publishes on diagnosis, evaluations,and treatments relating to clinical disorders that can affect families in apsychological and physical feature.

In this source, it will touch upon asignificant public health issue being post-partum depression that affectsprimarily the child. These 3 credible sources that were attained will aid inproviding additional information about the dominant challenge that ispost-partum depression which can debilitate a child’s development.

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