The Mr.Rochester’s home teaching alice another young girl who

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The Gateshead Manor: It belongs to her aunt Mrs. Reed and her three kids. It’s the first setting of the novel and where Jane begins her story. It is her that we see how Jane was raised. Mrs. Reed comes from wealth and and her home reflects that, but to Jane the home is like a prison. She is constantly being abused by her family especially Mrs.

Reed and John Reed. She isn’t allowed to play with Mrs. Reeds children because of her status and is physically abused by John Reed. She is only showed affection from Bessie, but it isn’t enough for Jane to feel happy and wanted. Mrs. Reed even traps Jane in the red room even though Jane is scared to death of it.

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It is when is becomes clear that Jane is not welcomed in the Reeds home. Mrs. Reeds has no love of compassion for Jane. Because she was a child when she lived in the Reed home she felt like she was trapped, isolated, and lonely, but there was nothing she could do to get out. She’s completely miserable. But Mrs.

Reed is eager to get her out of the house and away from her children, so she sends Jane to school. Lowood Institute: The Lowood is an all girl school that houses orphaned girls. The girls are treated badly having to wear uncomfortable uniforms and eat disgusting food. There is even a sickness that goes around killing half the girls in the institute. This place is important because it is where Jane experiences love for the first time.

It’s also the first time she’s experienced grief because someone she loved died. It is also the first time she’s had an adult believe her, Miss Temple believed Jane wasn’t a liar. She was never loved or accepted in the Reeds house but that changes in this school when she meets Helen and Miss Temple.

It is an important step in her journey of wanting to feel loved and accepted somewhere. It’s also an important step for her because she learns many valuable things. She learns how to teach because of Miss temple and earns a ticket to Thornhill because of her skills. Thornfield Mansion: This is the place Jane lives after spending eight years at school. She becomes a governess at Mr.Rochester’s home teaching alice another young girl who lives in the mansion.

Mr. Rochester is someone who greatly impacts Janes future. In her time at Thornfield. Jane matures and gets along with everyone at Thornfield unlike her other two homes. At the Reeds establishment she was abused and didn’t get along with most of the people, and at Lowood she was made a liar and hated by some, but at Thornfield she develops relationships with everyone who lives in the mansion. Here she’s is respected by most everyone who work there and lives in better conditions then she had before. It is also the place where she falls in love for the first time and where she experiences heartbreak for the first time. When she learns that Mr.

Rochester is already married she decides to leave him because he is breaking her moral code. She is still maturing and decides she can only return to him when she becomes independent, and that happens in the Moor House. The Moor House: The Moor House is where Jane ends up after leaving Mr. Rochester’s home.

She meets Mr.ST.John and his two sisters who happen to be Jane’s cousins. It is here that Jane finds herself and develops her morals and becomes independent. Here she stops worrying about what everyone’s expectations are of her and decides to live her life her way. She also learns that she has inherited a large sum of money becauses her uncle died and that shes has moved up the pyramid of social hierarchy.

But she doesn not let her inheritance get the better of her as she learns that doesn’t matter and become socially independent. She experiences a lot of the things that she experienced at the Thornfield house like love and acceptance. But when John proposes to her she realizes that what he is doing isn’t right and stocks to her morals and rejects him. She at the point of her life where she is mature and independent enough to make her own decisions and choices to reject mr. John and go back to MR. Rochester. Ferndean manor: This is the final home of Jane, and where Mr. Rochester ends up after his Thornfield home burned down.

Jane finally decides to marry Rochester because she feels like she is mature enough and that they are on equal levels. Jane becomes the stronger character as she has to take care of Mr. Rochester because he is blind. She finally makes peace with herself and can be truly happy here.

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