The Nazi’s use of propaganda

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The Nazis use of propaganda was extremely effective; they used it in all parts of the Germans lives.

This included radio, film, newspapers, architecture and even the Olympics! The Nazis most importantly wanted children to be influenced by the NAZI ideals so enveloped them in the Nazi passion from when they were very young. All other partys propaganda was banned and anything that made the Nazis look bad was banned from public viewing.Nazi propaganda also made Hitler look like the only leader who could save Germany and said he was destined to become national leader. Many Germans liked the Nazis’ anti-Communist views. Goebbels manipulated propaganda very well; he modified many effective posters with clever slogans such as, “Work, freedom and bread”. He also organised mass parades and rallies so everyone in Germany would know the Nazis. Many Germans were impressed by the Nazis dedication and so they earned respect.The Nazis cleverly designed propaganda that said if they came to power there would be something for everyone.

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For example farmers were promised higher prices for their goods and shopkeepers were offered protection against big businesses. The pledges were deliberately unclear though. This was not a very important reason for Hitler becoming chancellor, for it did not give much support during the period before the Wall Street clash – although it did deliver the message of the Nazis very clearly. During the Depression the German public was not so concerned with the detailed aims of the Nazis when in power. They just wanted a new government and leader who could help Germany from the great Depression.The overtaking of all media was a great propaganda show for the Nazis, from then on. Radio was overtaken to create the “Reich radio company” and they even created a Radio which could not pick up foreign frequencies deliberately, this may be because nothing was wanted to be heard by the ears of the German nation outside of Germany.

Goebels wanted all media to be consulted with him before it was aired and they influenced many children’s programs.Newspapers were also taken over, because this was the main form of media at the time, they created some of their best propaganda in these. All the content was inspected every day before they would be printed in full and daily news was telegraphed to the presses by the government.Films were used mostly not for recreation, but for getting political propaganda over to the watchers.

Most of the time was taken up with short films by the government that said how bad the Jews are and how great their nation was. Many great films made at the time had a specific aim to get across. So Cinema was not the greatest place to watch a neutral film.ConclusionThe propaganda was the greatest strength that held Nazi power.

It controlled the lives of all Germans and was in everything. The way of life in Germany was changed dramatically. The greatest influence of the Nazi’s was the Children. Using Hitler youth and other Nazi organizations for the young. They created a sick passion for the Nazi ideals, using children as the baited propaganda.

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