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Last updated: October 26, 2019

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: The New Liberal Arts Journal The first misconception suggests that liberal arts degree is a luxury that families cannot afford. Many families are struggling due to the economic recession. However, investing in a liberal arts education is the best investment one can make for future demands.

Many are not against equipping oneself with a career. However, the current trend on career suggests that there is an easier way out without having to study liberal arts. The second misconception suggests that students are finding it hard to find good jobs with majors in liberal arts. However, the liberal arts majors such as philosophy and foreign languages are indispensable for critical thinking and analyzing different contexts. In addition, majority of employers are looking for good verbal and written communication skills. Thus, many corporations are headed by people with liberal arts degrees. The third misconception is that liberal arts are irrelevant for low-income as well as first-generation students. In fact, this group needs liberal arts skills more than the affluent counterpart does.

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It is patronizing to suggest that those who are not well to do cannot take up finer elements of knowledge in school. To be precise, poor students as well can take up courses focused on decision making as opposed to thinking that the rich should be the ones to take up such jobs. The fourth misconception is that people should not study arts alone. Many feel that sciences, mathematics, and technology are where there should be more focus. There is no evidence that technical and science courses have more potential when students ignore the wider background provided by arts. The fifth misconception is that liberal democrats are responsible for putting the country in a mess and children should not have to study liberal arts.

Politics is a course within arts and not vice versa. Arts focus on considering all views in life and not relying on one. Thus, politics have nothing to do with studying liberal arts. The sixth misconception is that countries with early specialization education are getting ahead of America. The truth is that some of these countries, such as China, are visiting America to get a better understanding of liberal arts in order to have a wider perspective to issues since they feel that technical training alone is not sufficient. The seventh misconception is that higher education in America is going higher, and liberal arts colleges are not able to contain their costs. The issue of education cost affects all colleges and not only liberal arts institutions.

By calling them misconceptions, the reader is intrigued since a misconception implies a fallacy, or mistaken belief, making the reader eager to know what the misconceptions are. Had the author called them assumptions, one could have interpreted them as things taken for granted. As such, using the word misconception suggests that they are things that people a wrong about, and not just theories or guesses. Assumptions do not have to be true.

However, misconceptions are real. Thus, a misconception is stronger and better in delivering the message.

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