The northern region of Tunis is known for

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  The Tunisian Republic is the northernmostnation in Africa. Tunisia sits by Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea towardthe north and east. The size of Tunisia is around 165,000 square kilometers.Tunisia has a population of a little more than 11 million. The capital ofTunisia is Tunis.

Arabic is the official language spoken. The currency ofTunisia is what’s known as the Tunisian dinar. Tunisia accomplished freedomfrom France in 1956 drove by Habib Bourguiba, who later turned into the main TunisianPresident. Tunisia’s open Mediterranean Sea coastline and vital area helped thecountry to thrive, and it access to the Sahara has carried its kin into contactwith the occupants of the African inside. Tunisia consists of two climate beltswith Mediterranean influences in the north and Saharan in the south. Temperaturesare moderate along the coast. The northern region of Tunis is known for itslivestock, fruits, and garden growing. The southern region of tunisia is acentral plateau and a desert like area in the extreme south.

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It also flows intothe Sahara region and is best described by date palm oases and saline lakes. Ivory Coast is known for itsreligious and ethnic congruity. Ivory Coast is the world’s biggest exporter ofcocoa beans and its residents receive a generally abnormal state of wage,contrasted with different nations in Africa. The Ivory Coast is now called Coted’Ivoire and was a French Colony until 1960.

After it picked up autonomy, itfell into common war in 2002. The Ivory Coast, in West Africa, is best famousfor growing chocolate. The nation delivers more cocoa any other place on the planet.Furthermore, the Ivory Coast produces a majority of bananas, pineapples,cotton, palm oil and oil. Most of Ivory Coast is a forested plateau, one thatgradually slopes down to the Atlantic Ocean coastal areas. The Guineanforest-savanna mosaic Extends across the middle of the country, it transitionsbetween the coastal forests and interior savannas.

Major rivers in Ivory Coastinclude the Bandama, Komoe and Sassandra, they help drain the plateau. Largerlakes include Loc de Ebire and Loc de Kossou

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