The Odyssey (Epic Poem) Comprehension Question

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Last updated: December 16, 2019
Who does the speaker call for to help tell Odysseus’s story?

What is In Media Res?
when a story starts in the middle

Who is Hermes?
The son of Zeus and the messenger of the gods

What is Hermes sent to Calypso’s Island to do?
He is sent to tell Calypso to release Odysseus

What is the drink and food of the gods?
Nectar and Ambrosia

What king welcomed Odysseus to his kingdom and wished to hear his story?
King Alcinous

How did Odysseus effectively handle the Lotus Eaters?
He sent men to inspect the island and they ate the lotus.

It made them lose hope of home. Odysseus tells them not to eat the lotus flowers and he ties the men that did up and they sail away as quickly as possible

Who is Polyphemus?
a cyclops and Poseidon’s son

How do Odysseus and his men escape Polyphemus?
They gave him wine until he was drunk and they stabbed his eye

How does Odysseus trick Polyphemus?
He tells him his name is Nohbdy

Who is Aeolus?
King of the wind

How does Aeolus help Odysseus
He gives them two bags of wind a bag of unfavorable wind and a bag of favorable wind.

What happens when they use the bags of wind?
They are almost at Ithaca however one of the men opens the unfavorable bag of wind and they return back where they started.

What animal does Circe turn Odysseus’s men into?

How long do they stay with Circe?
one year

Where does Circe make them go after they beg to leave?
The Land of the Dead

Who does Circe make them look for in the Land of the Day?

What member of their crew do Odysseus and his crew meet?

What does Odysseus promise Elphenor ?
A funeral

What family member does Odysseus see in the land of the dead?
his mother

How did Odysseus’s mother die?
She died of a broken heart

How does Odysseus listen to the Sirens’ song?
He is tied to a pole on the ship

How do Odysseus’s crew die on Helios’ Island?
They eat his cattle

How does Athena help Odysseus return home?
She tells him he is in Ithaca, disguises him, arranges for him and Telemachus to meet and tells Telemachus who he is

What is the name of Odysseus’s dog?

How does Penelope test the suitors?
She asks the suitors to win her by shooting an arrow through twelve axes.

Which suitor does Odysseus shoot in the neck?

How does Penelope test Odysseus?
She asks a servant to move the bed he built in the root of an olive tree

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