The Odyssey Part 1

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Last updated: November 25, 2019
Who is speaking on page 1045?

What is going to happen in this epic poem?
Going to tell a story of a man who fought at Troy and his journey home

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Who could Odysseus not save? Why?
His men, they were reckless and ate cattle, would not listen to him

What impressions of Odysseus do you get from the introduction of the story?
Confident, determined, but boasted

Who rules Phaeacia? What does he give Odysseus?
Alcinous, a ride home and a boat in exchange for his story

Who is going to tell the story?

What is the motivation for the journey?
Get home to his family

Where is Odysseus’ home

What women detained him?
Calypso (10 years) Circe (1 Year)

What land did Odysseus and his men pillage?
Ismarus Cicones

What happened while they were pillaging instead of leaving for home?
More troops came, 6 benches of men were killed

Did Odysseus have a strong control over his men? Why or why not?
No, they dont listen

Who caused the storm?

Where were they pushed by the storm?
Land of the Lotus-Eaters

Who went to see what was on shore?
2 men and a runner, but they never came back

What did the Lotus-Eaters do to the men?
Nothing harmful just gave them the flowers to eat

What was the result of eating the Lotus?
Long to stay there forever and forgets everything else

How did they get the men off the island?
Tied them to the ship

Describe the Cyclopes?
Giants, one eye, live on their own in their own cave, and dont work

What did they keep with them?
Rams and goats

Who went with Odysseus?
His 12 best fighters

What did Odysseus take with him?
Liquor and food

What did they find in the Cyclops’ cave?
Big rack of cheese

Why did Odysseus not agree to take the food and go as his men urged?
Wanted to meet cave dweller

Why does Odysseus tell Cyclops to be hospitable?
Zeus will avenge the unoffending guest (be nice or zeus will get you)

What was the Cyclops response to Odysseus remark on being hospitable?
Odysseus was stupid, and that he didn’t care for anyone

What is Odysseus’ first lie to the Cyclops?
Ship was crushed by Posiden and they were only survivors

What is the Cyclops’ response to Odysseus’ ship being crushed by Posiden?
Kills 2 men and eats them

Why could Odysseus and his men not escape the Cyclops cave?
There was a big rock in front of the entryway

What did the Cyclops do before going out the next morning?
Killed and ate 2 more people and put rock back in front of entrance

What did Odysseus make while the Cyclops was gone, and what was his plan?
A spear to stab the Cyclops in the eye

What did Odysseus offer the Cyclops at dinner?

What did Odysseus tell the Cyclops when he was asked his name?

What was the result of drinking the liquor?
He got drunk and passed out

What did Odysseus do when the Cyclops passed out?
Heated the spear and poked his eye

What is the Cyclops name?

Why did no one help the Cyclops?
He told them nobody has tricked me

How did they escape from the Cyclops’ cave?
Tied rams together and hung on to the bottom

What does Odysseus do when they are aboard ship?
He is stupid and baits cyclops by saying Zeus is punishing them

What was the Cyclops response to Odysseus baiting him?
Threw rocks at them and almost tore ship up

When Odysseus told the Cyclops his name, what is the Cyclops response?
Is Odysseus comes back he will treat him well

What does the Cyclops do when Odysseus says he will not return?
He prays to Posiden that he would prevent Odysseus from getting home, and all his companions would die

What is an example of foreshadowing in this section?
“and the god heard him”

What did Odysseus do with the ram that carried him out?
Sacrificed to Zeus but Zeus did not accept it

What does Aeolus give Odysseus?
Sack containing all winds except west

What misfortune occurs in terms of the wind?
They are almost home, and Odysseus’ men open sack and it blows them back to Aeola

What type of people are the Laestrygonians?

What do the cannibals do to Odysseus?
Destroy all but one of his ships

Where does Odysseus go next?
Aeaea (Circe’s island)

What does Circe do to Odysseus’ men?
Turns them into pig (swine)

How long does Odysseus stay at Aeaea?
1 year

What does Circe tell Odysseus?
He must go to the Land of the Dead and talk to blind prophet Tiresus

What does Odysseus do when he reaches the Land of the Dead?
Makes sacrifice promising Tiresus the most handsome black lamb

Who was the first shade (spirit) that came to the pit where Odysseus was sacrificing and what did he say?
Elpenor, he said he got drunk and fell off of Circe’s roof

Who was the second shade?
Anticlea, his mother

What does Tiresus tell Odysseus?
a. what will happen before he returns to Ithacab. what he must do after he returns to Ithaca c.

warns about wrath of posiden d. warns about cattle of helios e. he may make it home but ship and men will be destroyedf. he may make it back to Ithaca g.

If he does, he will come home to his house in distress

What things does Circe warn Odysseus against?
Sirens, the wandering rocks, scylla, and charybodis

How does Odysseus make it past the sirens?
He has his men tie him down

What was the effect of the sirens song on Odysseus?
Made him crave to listen

Who tied him up an kept him quiet during the Sirens?
Perimedes and Eurylochus

What did Odysseus focus on having his men avoid and why?
The drift, they will drown

What is Charybdis?

While the men were watching Charybdis, what happened?
Scylla gobbled up 2 of his men

What did Odysseus warn his men not to do?
Eat the cattle

Did Odysseus warning his men not to eat the cattle work?

Who led the men to go after the cattle?

Where was Odysseus while they were killing and eating the cattle?

Who did Helios allow to punish Odysseus’ men and how?
Zeus sent a storm when they were at sea

How did Odysseus survive the shipwreck?
Hung onto some wood

Where did the storm take Odysseus?
Back to Charybdis

How did Odysseus get out of Charybdis?
Hanging on to a branch of a fig tree

How did Odysseus get past Scylla?
Plunged into the water and rowed with his arms

Who helped Odysseus at the end of the Cattle of the Sun God?
the gods

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