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The work of George Lucas has shaped a generation of parents and their children. The films dreamt up by George have become a huge influence on not only the film industry but the culture of millions of his fans. George Lucas was born May 14th, 1943 to his parents Dorothy Bomberger and George Lucas Sr.

Raised in Modesto, California, George had a healthy childhood. His father owned one of the largest stores in the Modesto area leaving him in a good space for his childhood. Georges childhood was not much unlike many other children during the time. He spent much of this free time enthralled with toys from his father’s store as well as comic books. When the Lucas family first got a television it was a very important step towards the director he would become. On the newly acquired TV, George watched relentlessly observing all that he could. The most prominent program was the Saturday matinee serials. These serials, such as Flash Gordon, were short and sweet and always ended on a cliffhanger.

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This style largely influenced his work of both the star wars and Indiana Jones trilogies. Along with television, George would see some of the early movies being shown in his theater, but he never took a large liking to them. Though George had a strong family he never had the brotherly connection that he really wanted. This lack of connection would follow him through his childhood and young adulthood where we grasped to older brotherly figures.

Overall, George was a good kid with a fairly normal upbringing. Though he was very good growing up, that would change in his young adulthood.                           Through Georges teenage years he had many struggles he faced as a person. In high school, George showed very little interest in most subjects. The subjects he did appreciate were music and art classes. Out of school, George started getting into vehicles mainly cars. George took a huge liking to the machine and would spend the majority of his free time tinkering with his own car. This passion for cars would lead him to befriend kids with the same interest in cars.

This crowd was not the best influence on George and that would impact his home and school life. With all these feeling and friends pulling his towards the automotive world George decided he wanted to be race car driver. During this time in George’s life, he also spent time immersing himself in more movies from abstract directors as well photography. Though those interests did not outweigh his passion for cars. At this time George was becoming very invested in these big brother figures he had met doing work on cars.  Georges father was not very happy with his son’s grade or his life decisions. An important argument that George had with his father had ended with George saying “I’ll never work in a job where I have to do the same thing over and over again every day”. George arguing this is very crucial to how he ended up doing work with film, where you can do very much freely.

George was very angry with his father but did want to make it through high school which he was currently not on track to graduate from. George ended up being able to graduate but only after he got into a major car crash. George had been driving down one of his common routes when we crashed his car flipping it multiple times only to survive by a miracle. The accident changed Georges rebellious perspective.

George now realized how fragile the world was and wanted to continue to college with a more academic mindset. The accident, for the most part, ended Georges bad outlook on life and compelled him to go into what he most enjoyed in school, film.    Time in college for George Lucas was a very important turning point in his life.

George went to hometown Modesto community college. During his community college time, George appreciated being able to choose his own classes based on interest in the subject. Having the option to choose compelled George to get through community college graduating in 1964 with an associates degree in art.

During his time working in college, he started to appreciate photography and drawing. He loved the idea of being able to work in one of those fields. The major problem was that his father did not share that same passion for art that George had.

A longtime friend John Plummer asked George to apply to the same college as him, University of Southern California. George wasn’t sure what his chances were to make it in but he was willing to give it a try. And this application changed Georges future for the better.

After being accepted by what seems to be a miracle, George moved out to USC to begin the most important chapter in his life. After heading off to college George was able to find his clique after a very short amount of time. George felt right at home in his film film classes.

He began to appreciate the techniques from the movies he studied, and was able to make a few short films during his time in college. Though these films were small, some of them were very impressive to his colleges. In college, George didn’t often engage in many outgoing events that most other students partook in.

Instead, George spend a large amount of his free time writing down and drawing ideas for film projects. As George got into his final year in college he was able to work on large projects. In one short he created called “Freiheit”, he was able to start working with film narrative. Thought this narrative was simple it was a chance for him to start thinking outside the box with film.  In film school students are always looking for inspiration, George was no different. He loved many aspects of many different films and many he used in his later movies.

Eventually, after making around 3 short films George would find his place in the editing room. Though many didn’t appreciate George’s editing the DKA frats leader, Howard Kazanjian, took a liking to George Lucas. George was grateful to Howard who would later help produce some of his future movies. After creating a short film with a team of classmates, which he took most of the credit for, George finished his senior year at USC in 1966 with a bachelor’s degree. After college George had a very limited amount of options to find a job to make a living. After college George would meet many great people that would boost him to become the director he wanted to be.In 1968 George met Francis Ford Coppola, this man would help George finally put some of his idea to good use. Shortly after meeting Coppola, George and he became great friends and colleges.

Coppola was wrapping up a project he was working, and directly after he asked George to help him with his next movie. George was hesitant but Coppola had also given him the chance to finance the start of a full THX 1138 movie. This was the start of Georges career in film.

About a year and a half later George and Coppola had finished the film The Rainmaker and had sent in the script George had for THX 1138. The executives didn’t see any potential and said the script was a no go. Though this was a sad moment for George it was turned around rather quickly

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