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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Thepurpose of this paper is to appraise and criticize analytically two projects, inorder to make a relationship between them, using some theoretical notionslearned during the semester in Landscape Architecture. The plan de paysage pour le Massif duCanigó, located at extreme south area of France and the Paiva’s walkways in ofthe Arouca Geopark, in Portugal, two territories inserted to protected areas ofgreat heritage value.Themain aim of this paper is to reflect these two different interpretativeresources for these geosites.  Bothresources promote Geosciences to public and will also contribute to raiseawareness of the value of geological heritage and to the need for itsconservation. Meaningof Landscaping could be related with any activity that modifies the visiblefeatures of an area of land, including natural like landforms, terrain shapeand natural topography or human elements.

The plan includes solutions toimprove the access conditions to the geosites and geotrails supported byinformative/interpretative leaflets and promote the understanding of anintegrated perspective of natural resources where geodiversity is includedwhich in some cases urges to conserve. The strategy here proposed presents adiversified approach allowing the use of local synergies, constituting abenefit for geopark. This methodology promotes the achievement of some of theaims which were in the basis the creation of all geoparks.Thispaper tends to understand the similar aspects of these two different approachesin different contexts. How to analyze, research ways and take actions in a hugelandscape? Who is involve in this procedure? The responsibility of who works todesign natural systems, or just who take into this question. Itsstructure starts with the description of both projects exploring both on fourpoints: Shape and location; Reasons and prosecutors; Design strategies, procedures and entities concerned, ending up with a conclusion and comparison between both.

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