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The first song on thealbum is titled “wouldn’t it be nice” which was written by Brian Wilson, TonyAsher and Mike Love. This is one of two songs released as a single two monthsafter the complete album was released.

Like many of the songs on this albuminstruments used were not common for its genre. The song opens up with the useof an eight-beat introduction in the key of A-major. After the strike of onedrum hit, the song changes to the key of F. John Adams, a classical composer,called this change of key “nothing new in the classical or jazz world, but appearing here in the context of a standardrock-and-roll song, it felt novel and fresh. More than any other songwriter ofthat era, Brian Wilson understood the value of harmonic surprise.”This to me is a perfect example that the album was truly revolutionary. Thenext song on the album is “you still believe in me” which is written by Brian Wilsonand Tony Asher. Wilson sings in the song as the lead vocal.

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The instruments inthe song include that of clarinet, bicycle horn, timpani and harpsichord. Thesong is in the key of B major. “That’s not me” is the next song and I feel it isthe only song on the track that seems closest to a conventional rock songcompared to the other tracks on the album. The structure of the song containsmood shifts. Mike Love and Wilson share the lead vocal while Wilson plays thebuzzing organ.

Brian Wilson’s brother (Carl and Dennis) play the drums and theguitar. The back vocals are done by the other members of the band. “Sloop JohnB” is the next song on the album that I will cover. It is arguably the mostpopular song on the album as it reached as high as number three on the U.S billboardhot 100 chart, number two in the UK and number one in other countries. The songincludes a cappella vocal section. That simply was not found in any other musicsimilar to this in its era. I feel it is important to note that the song isranked 276 on the Rolling Stone’s list of “The 500 greatest songs of all time.

“To continue on through the album, “I know there’s an answer” was written byBrian Wilson. It is said that the song was wrote as a reaction to the experienceWilson had when he took lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Instruments includedin the song are that of bass harmonica, tack piano, saxophones, flutes, banjos,and organ. Some of the first recordings of the song were named “let go to yourego.” Al Jardine, Mike Love and Brian Wilson have beautifully vocal harmony inthis song. The tambourine is used throughout the whole song.

The end of thealbums concludes with “Caroline, No” where it reached as high as 32 onBillboard hot 100. Brian Wilson put recordings of a passing train and his dogs.It was originally written in the key of C major, but was later changed toD-flat major. 

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