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The reason that The Declaration of Independence was to explain why the colonies decided to separate from Great Britain. The author us Thomas Jefferson, who was a well-known figure in the United States, especially for his presidential term in 1801 – 1809. Thomas Jefferson being a well-known political figure writing a political document helps significantly for this document because his audience knew that he had experience in what he was writing about because he was the president of their country and the majority of them have voted and trust him to do so.

The intended audience was the representatives of the United States but mainly to foreign nations for the reason of colonies wanting separation. For this text, I do think that the length plays a role in persuading the audience in the document because when I was reading, I did tend to get lost about halfway through because it was a bit long and confusing, but it does help to read it out loud to help follow along. When reading this document, it is challenging to understand not only because of the length but because of the language used, but when we watched the video in class, it seemed a lot easier for me to find the ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos. Although the ethos in the video is a bit different in the video than reading the actual document, the pathos, logos, kairos seem to be the same. In the video, the ethos was the unity of celebrities reading the document, coming from all different backgrounds.

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The way that they read the text helped me genuinely listen to the lines and hear the emotion and tone behind the words and with some of the lines they would read them together bringing in the cohesiveness. This showed the two different kairos’ of the two different times that these were made. The text was written in 1776, so at this time it was all about rich white men in America, but what this video was showing was how much America has changed.

The kairos in the video showed that women, men, of any race or ethnicity matter that same, and that America has grown so much since this document had been written and this is what it means to be an American.   

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