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Last updated: October 27, 2019

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Oklahoma Science Museum No other vicinity in Oklahoma provides significant and unmatched information on the wondrous aspects of science that encompass the world such as the Oklahoma Science Museum. The Oklahoma Science Museum is indeed a spectacle to withhold. Providing realistic and theoretical knowledge on various features encompassing the wide field of science, the museum has proved the status of scenery in the city as well as state of Oklahoma. For instance, the museum comprises in-house scientific artifacts that play a considerable role in outlining the history of the United States of America. The Oklahoma Science Museum goes beyond the term. It is one of the unique structures within the state based on its priceless collection of historical scientific artifacts.

Regardless of its physical design, which exudes magnificent structure, the Museum comprises in-house creative facets that enhance and provide the ultimate scientific experience. The physical outlook of the museum is truly breathtaking. Any individual, on their first visit to the museum would definitely recognize the large outward structure that the facility assumes. One cannot ignore the huge stylized initials bearing the name “Science Museum Oklahoma” at the side of the large entrance. Upon the first view of the museum, one is simply drawn to the outline of the maroon Planetarium that is seen above the facility. Additionally, the overall grey painted walls of the facility provide the museum with a sophisticated yet simple look. Furthermore, the parking, which is situated near the entrance of the museum, provides ample spaces for visitors.

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The surroundings of the museum are also illustrated by a lush and green parchment that delivers serenity outside the museum. Moreover, the museum is encompassed by beautiful flora such as trees that exemplify the environmental beauty of the museum’s location. The museum is considerably captivating upon entrance. This is exemplified by the various friendly and amazing scientific and playful structures that cater for the exploratory needs of adults, adolescents and children. For children, the museum possesses a slide that allows children to take an exhilarating and fun nature slide within the facility.

The slide, known as the GadgetTrees, comprises the three-storey Archimedes slide that stands over 24 feet. The Archimedes Slide, which is among the largest trees in Northern America, comprises a two-storey treehouse as well as innovative and functioning simple machines. Visitors are given a warm welcome by the chirping of musical birds and the sound of a prattling brook.

While providing fun and play for children and their parents, GadgetTrees offers scientific insight on simple machines such as the pulley and the Archimedes Screw as well as the use of trees in the production of woods. Visitors will also be intrigued by other places and vicinities that integrate fun and instructional teaching to provide an efficient scientific learning experience for adults and children alike. For instance, places such as the Explorazone allow children to shoot basketballs through illusionary hoops in order to educate children on the principle of illusion. Moreover, Explorazone provides exhibits that demonstrate sound, waves, light and color. Children are also offered the chance to assemble, build, test and design hands-on projects in the Tinkering Garage while Kid Space allows parents and children to have fun in the Family Space through face painting, puppetry and building blocks.

Additionally, adolescents are provided with the opportunity to bond by forging water wars and creating dams within the water currents. For celestial lovers and enthusiasts, the Kirkpatrick Planetarium offers a one-of-a-kind look into the night sky by allowing enthusiasts to locate and spot constellations, celestial bodies such as planets and the dynamic celestial sceneries within Oklahoma. The Science Museum in Oklahoma is continually renovated to include further scientific artifacts that captivate visitors of all ages. Renovations and new inclusions such as the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame feature several sets of apparatus, medals and awards that represent the successful contributory sportspersons within the sport of gymnastics. Additionally, the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame features collections of sculptures and a library that comprise famous gymnasts such as Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton and Bart Conner. Consequently, the introduction of ‘Use the Forces, Otto” within the popular Science Live Theatre has garnered a mass following of physics enthusiasts. The program is the most recent addition to the Science Live Theatre. Use the Forces, Otto provides visitors to explore the physics behind the forces encompassing the world.

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