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This book is written for people who want to cognize God. If that describes you, so I have some good intelligence for you. It is possible for you to cognize God deeply and personally, and by cognizing God, you can see His power in your life.This good intelligence does non come from God himself. In the Bible, this good intelligence is the “ Gospel ” .

The Gospel is good intelligence because it tells what God has done so that work forces and adult females can come into personal relationship with the One who made them.This book is based on two facts. First, you know God and you can non and will non be genuinely satisfied until you know Him.

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Nothing in this universe offers can take the topographic point of cognizing God. Second, the Bible does non state us everything we could cognize on every topic, but it tells us everything we need to cognize about being right with God. It merely makes sense that the God who made us knows us better than we know ourselves. We need to hear what He has to state. I am non traveling to cite many Scripture poetries in this book, but the things I write are based on what the Bible says.

Let me state right up front that this book will be helpful no affair where you might be on your religious journey. When it comes to cognize God, we all stand in different topographic points. Some are searchers, some are skeptics, some are sceptics, and some know really small about the Christian religion. Others were raised in a church but drifted away old ages ago.If you would wish to cognize God, that is all that affairs.

You may number yourself as a spiritual individual or you may believe of yourself as non-religious. That is all right either manner. Many people today have a deep involvement in religious affairs, even though they are non portion of any spiritual organisation. If that describes you, I hope you will read this book carefully because I am composing to you as an person in order to assist you happen a personal relationship with God.I am certainly you have a few inquiry.

I hope so, because honorable inquiries deserve good replies. Here are some inquiries you may hold.What is God Like?How can I cognize God?Am I truly a evildoer?How can my wickednesss be forgiven?Who is Jesus and what did He make?What must I make to be saved?What does it intend to be a Christian?How can I happen peace with God?How can I be certain I am traveling to heaven?The narrative of the Bible is good intelligence that can alter your life. It tells us our deepest jobs, and God ‘s astonishing solution to those jobs. More than that, it presents to us the individual of Jesus Christ and depict the new life. He offers to all. This is the supreme message of the Bible. Even if you have uncertainties or inquiries about the Bible, I encourage you to read with an unfastened head and so make up one’s mind for yourself about what I have written.

It is wholly possible that you are a bit disbelieving about the whole construct of cognizing God. Possibly you have been turned off by organized faith or by certain Christian whose words or workss do non look to fit up with what they claim to believe. While I freely admit that Christians sometimes can be the worst advertizement for their religion. I hope you will put aside your prepossessions as you read this book.

If you are non disposed to believe in Jesus, nil in this book will convert you to alter your head. Since religious world is a affair of perceptual experience and non proof, I do non believe in seeking to reason people into Christian religion. The Bible says that no 1 comes to God unless the Father draws him through the Spirit.

So if you are skeptic, make non worry, you will non be converted against your will by reading this book.On the other manus, this book could alter your life. If the Gospel is genuinely good intelligence from God, so we should non be surprised if our lives are radically changed as we come to cognize God personally through the Lord Jesus Christ.I am acquiring a spot in front of myself. All we know so far is that this book contains good intelligence that comes from God as revealed in the Bible. The remainder of the narrative, you will necessitate to read each chapter easy and believe about what it says. At this point, I would wish to propose a simple supplication for religious counsel.

I encourage you to read this supplication easy, phrase by phrase. If it expresses the desires of your bosom, pray it softly to God.O God, I want to cognize you. If you are at that place, delight uncover yourself to me. Show me the truth about myself Open my eyes and create religion in my bosom. Give me the gift of an unfastened head to have your truth.

Speak to me through what I read, that I maybe answered with your truth. Help me to seek you with all my bosom and may I happen you and be satisfied with what I find. Amons.You need non be fearful about praying a supplication like this because God ne’er turns any honorable searchers off. If you seek the Lord with all your bosom, you will happen Him. You might desire to set your initials and today ‘s day of the month by that supplication if it expresses the desire of your bosom.Now is the clip to get down. The first measure in cognizing God is happening out more about who He truly is.

Rev. Dr Josef V. Selvaganthan

Chapter ONE


Suppose I say to you, “ Define God in 20 words or less “ and I give you thirty seconds to make it.

What would you state? Could you do it? Does it look unjust? Suppose I give you 200,000 words and 30 old ages. Would it be any easier? Would you come any closer to the truth?God is the first fundamental of the existence, which is why we can non truly “ define ” Him. We can state this: knowing God is the most of import thing in life. If you live 30, 40, 60, or even 70 or 80 old ages and you do non cognize God, so it does non count what else you have done with your life.

If you do non cognize God, you have missed the really ground for your ain being. If you miss cognizing God, you have missed the cardinal world of the existence. Compared to cognizing the One who made you, everything else is merely crumbs and nibbling around the borders.



We were made to cognize God and something in us urgently wants to cognize him. We are incurably spiritual by nature.

That is why every human society-no affair how primitive-has some construct of a higher power, some vision of world that goes beyond the natural. On one degree, that explains why scientific discipline has non eradicated faith from the Earth. Science can ne’er make that because technological accomplishment can non run into the deepest demands of the human bosom.

That explains why 1000000s of people read their horoscopes every forenoon and 1000000s more call psychic hotlines.We want to cognize the replies to the three most basic inquiries of life. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I traveling? We will pass money, purchase books, listen to tapes, attend seminars, and travel great distances to happen the replies. Several old ages ago a book claiming to describe one adult female ‘s after – decease visit to heaven climbed to the top of the best – marketer list. Recently another book purporting to happen concealed messages in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament sold 100s of 1000s of transcripts. Peoples are hungry for religious truth and if they can non happen by normal agencies, they will make for anyone or anything that claims to give them an reply.

It is the same wherever you travel. Superficially, we are really different in our background, visual aspects, linguistic communication, and imposts. However, scratch deeper and you discover that all people are well the same.

Once past the surface, you discover no cardinal difference between a individual born in poorness in Haiti and a corporate attorney in Wall Street or between a school teacher in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and a computing machine scientist in Singapore. Everywhere we are the same-with the same yearnings, declinations, dreams, and hopes ; with same demand to love and be loved ; with same desire to be remembered after we die ; and with the same sense that there must be a God of some sort who made us.We were made to cognize God, and we need to cognize Him. God made us to cognize Him. He designed us so that we would desire to cognize Him-and so He guaranteed we would non be happy unless He Himself fills the nothingness within. This brings us face – to – face with the celebrated statement that there is a “ God – shaped vacuity ” inside each individual.

We may turn to God, or we may make full the vacuity with graven images of our ain devising or the evil liquors of our ascendants. Something in us drives us to seek ultimate significance. That “ something ” inside us is put at that place by God. Augustine gave us this oft – quoted supplication: “ You have made us for yourself and our Black Marias are ungratified until they find their remainder in you ” .



The whole Bible demonstrates that God wants us to cognize Him. In a sense, that is the subject of the Bible – how God loved us, how we rebelled against Him, and how God set about delivering people who had turned against Him. The narrative is clear plenty. God sent Prophetss, priests, and couriers of assorted kinds.

He sent His messages in composing. We, ( the homo race ) did non desire anything to make with God. Therefore, we ignored His messages and sometimes killed His couriers.

Then He sent His boy Jesus Christ, the ultimate look of His love. We killed Him excessively. In His decease, God made a manner for anyone and everyone to be forgiven.Let us travel back to the really beginning of the narrative for a minute. When God foremost created the universe, He created Adam and Eve and made them “ in his image ” and “ after his similitude ” These simple phrases are full of intending to us. We were made in God ‘s image, which means there is something in us that corresponds to who God is. You and I were designed to cognize God personally.

Dogs do non pray, birds do non idolize, angle do non praise – but we do. Why? Because there is a “ God – consciousness ” inside every human bosom. It is that “ God – consciousness ” that makes us desire to cognize God and makes us eager to happen out why we exist.


However, there is another portion of the narrative.

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, that image of God within each of us has been marred by wickedness. I picture a monetary value of paper with the words GOD ‘S IMAGE in immense letters. Before Adam and Eve sinned, that paper was clean and smooth. Now for all of us that paper is crumpled, dirty, and torn. However, it is ne’er wholly, destroyed. Despite all our failures, we still want to cognize God, and we still want to happen significance in life but merely do non cognize where to look.

To utilize a really modern phrase, we are left with a sort of “ Father Hunger ” . That ‘s a phrase used to depict kids turning up in a household without a strong and compassionate male parent figure. He may hold died or he may hold abandoned his household. Alternatively, possibly he was so busy he had no clip for his household. Because he hardly knows his kids, they complete urgently for his small garbages of love and blessing. Children turning up in a place like that urgently want a male parent, and sometime they will look for person ( or something ) to make full that nothingness.On a much larger graduated table, that is the narrative of all humanity. We were made to cognize God and we want to cognize Him, but our wickedness has separated us from God.

As a consequence, we are left with a deep “ Father hungriness ” that will non look to travel off.


So what do we make? As a popular vocal says, we look for love in all the incorrect topographic points. We can exemplify this utilizing a pen and apiece paper. Pull a drop on the right side of the paper and label it “ God ” . On the left side pull a drop and label it “ Us ” .

Label the spread in between with the word “ Sin ” . That is the job we all face. We are no one side, God, and us. Something deep interior tells us we belong on the other side with the God who made us. Therefore, we set out to construct Bridgess across the great chasm.Now draw lines that on the “ Us ” side and travel toward the “ God ” side, stoping each line someplace mediate the two drops.

Each line represents a human “ span ” we build on our efforts to happen our manner back to God. One bridges is labeled “ Money, ” another “ Education, ” another “ God works, ” another “ Sexual activity, ” another “ Power, ” another “ Science, ” another “ Success, ” another “ Approval, ” another “ Relationships, ” and another “ Religion, ” You can do as many Bridgess as you like, but they ne’er seem to make the other side. Each one ends someplace in the center, exemplifying truth that you can ne’er happen God by get downing where you are.

No affair which route you take, you fall into the great chasm and stop up being broken on the jaggy stones of world.That is what I mean by “ seeking in all the incorrect topographic points ” . Nothing in this universe can fulfill our yearning because nil in this universe can take us back to God. The reply we need must come from outside this universe.Three thousand old ages ago, a wise adult male named Solomon went on a hunt to happen the key to the significance of life.

He recorded his findings in a book of the Bible called Ecclesiastes. In the first two chapters, he tells about his expansive experiment. He built edifices, planted huge gardens, tried the party scene, and accumulated a huge luck.

He gathered books and amassed a huge shop of human cognition. Anything he wanted, he got for himself. Nothing was held back. He tried anything and everything in his hunt for significance.

He reported his determination in three terse words: “ I hated life ” ( Ecclesiastes 2: 17 ) . When nil satisfies, when you have genuinely tried it all, when you can state with unagitated confidence, “ Been at that place, done that ” and you still experience the emptiness within, what make you make so? Solomon ‘s decision could stand as an epitaph for every coevals.Here is our job briefly. We were made by God to cognize God. There is a “ God-shaped vacuity ” inside each individual that causes us to seek after the One who made us. Because we search in the full incorrect topographic point, we can ne’er happen Him.

Our ageless yearning for God non fulfilled.



In the terminal, we are left with this great truth: We can ne’er cognize God unless He reveals Himself to us. Try as we might we ever end up in the darkness, seeking a God we know is at that place but can non look to happen. However, God has left us to populate in darkness everlastingly. He has revealed Himself in four primary ways:In creative activity – everyone sees this.In the human conscience-Everyone has this.

In His written Word, the Bible-Not everyone knows thisIn His Son, Jesus Christ_ Not everyone understands this.The last disclosure is the most of import. Jesus is “ God incarnate ” , that is, God clothed with human flesh. When Jesus walked on the Earth, He was the God-man, to the full God and to the full adult male at the same clip.

Jesus is the superman disclosure of God. If you have seen Jesus, you have seen God. If you want to cognize what God is like, look at Jesus.


The Bible says a great trade about who God is and how he has revealed Himself. Here are six facts about God you need to cognize:


He everlastingly exists in three individuals

The truth about God begins with the fact that He everlastingly exists as the male parent, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When we say that, we mean that the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, but they are non three Supreme beings but merely one God. The Father is non the Son, the Son is non the Spirit, the Spirit is non the male parent, but each is God separately and yet they are together the one true God of the Bible. This is called the philosophy of the Holy Trinity.Person asked Daniel Webster, who happened to be a ardent Christian, “ How can a adult male of your intellect believe in the three? ” “ I do non feign to the full to understand the arithmetic of Eden now ” he replied. That is a good phrase- the arithmetic of Eden.The Trinity should do us to bow in low worship before a God who is greater than our heads could of all time grok.

We have a God has provided everything necessary for our redemption. When we were lost in wickedness, our God acted in every individual of His being salvage us. The Father gave the Son, the Son offered Himself on the Cross- , and the Holy Spirit draws us to Jesus.

2. He is the Sovereign Lord.

God is the purest, simplest, most basic being in the existence. He is a personal God -not an impersonal force. Because He is infinite, He is non capable to clip, corruptness, or decay.

Because He is ageless, He is ever present everyplace in the existence. He is the “ unaffected mover ” , “ the causeless first cause ” , and the beginning of all that is. He is the power behind all other powerHis character is unchanging -and hence wholly reliable. What He says, He will make. Because He has the merely truly “ free will ” in the existence, He does whatever He pleases, yet He ne’er acts in arbitrary manner, but merely in conformance with His ain perfect character.God is holy, which mean he is utterly pure, free from all immoralities, wholly without incrimination or mistake.

Holiness is what makes God. He ne’er lowers his criterions, ne’er via medias, and makes no, “ trades ” . All that He does is right, merely, and good. There is no falsity in Him or from Him.

He makes the regulations, and no 1 can object. He Himself is the concluding criterion of right and incorrect. Therefore, everything He says about you and me is true.

3. He created all things

God designed everything that is. He initiated Creation and personally brought all things into being. The existence did non go on by opportunity, accident, or by the random hit of cells. It is non the merchandise of random development.

God spoken and the existence came into being. He is so powerful that He is the beginning of all things-living and inanimate. All things were made by Him, all things exist at this Earth for a ground, and that the highest intent of your life is to cognize the God who can make anything – created you! In add-on, He wants you to cognize Him personally.

4. He made you in His image

You were made to cognize God. Something in you yearns to cognize the God who created you. That longing may be concealed deep within or you may experience it firing inside you at this minute.

Possibly you have tried to cover it up or to fulfill your yearnings with the things of this universe. However, that does non work. You were made with desires that nil in this universe can fulfill. Merely God can make full the hole in your bosom.

Merely God can love you the manner you long to be loved.

5. He knows all about you

Theologians call this “ omniscience ” , which merely means that God knows everything – the yesteryear, the present, and the hereafter. He is ne’er caught by surprise by anything that happens anyplace in the existence. Nothing is hidden from Him.

That includes your secret ideas, your dreams, and your unrealized desires. He knows your words before you speak them and your ideas before you think them. He knows where you were last dark and who you were with. He knows the whole narrative of your life – the good, the no 1 else knows about? He knows them all, and He knows them wholly.

6. He cares about you

The Bible tells us “ God is love.

” He is perfect, infinite, unconditioned love. His love is freely given. It is non a wages for good behaviour because no 1 can of all time “ earn ” God ‘s love. The greatest gifts in life are the 1s we do non merit. No gift could be greater than the love God. The Bible declares that God loves the unlovely.

We shook our first at God and sinned against Him. The astonishing intelligence is that God even lives His enemies. While we were evildoers, God demonstrated His love by directing His Son to the Earth to decease for us.We need to cognize a God who loves us like that. To lose cognizing this God is to lose the cardinal truth of the existence. It is like sing Rome and seeing everything but St Peter ‘s Square.

It is like going to Washington, D. C, and seeing everything but the White House. It is like traveling to Paris and seeing everything but the Eiffel Tower. Alternatively, it is like traveling to the Super Bowl and watching everything but the football game.



Let us wrap up this chapter with a narrative about a immature adult male I know who was merely 26 old ages old when he died. Although he grew up in a Christian place, during his teens and early mid-twentiess he went through a period of rebellion and religious searching. His life changed when the physicians discovered a encephalon tumour. Surgery brought a brief remittal, and so the malignant neoplastic disease returned.As the months passed, his religion increased even as his physical status worsened. He began to seek the Lord as ne’er before. The Word of God becomes sweet to him. He becomes bold in his informant, particularly to his many friends.

He asked God to utilize him to make other so that he could indicate people to Christ, no affair how long he lived.During the funeral, his younger sister talked about how much she loved him, and how as a immature miss she wanted to be like him, and how exasperating he could be at times. Then the malignant neoplastic disease came. She saw a difference so profound that it changed everything. Her brother had figured out what life is all approximately. Then she said this sentence: life is nil without God. He had shown her that it does non count how long you life or how much money you have or even how good you do in your calling.

His religion at the terminal spoke one simple message: life is nil without God. She marveled that person so immature – her brother – had figured out the significance of life. In add-on, she thanked him for go forthing her with that all important truth: life is nil without God.When I stood up to present the message a few proceedingss subsequently, I did non hold to state really much.

I merely repeated what she said one more clip: life is nil without God.I so made this application. If you live for 80 old ages but do non detect that truth, you have missed the really ground for your ain being. If you should gain a million dollars – or $ 10 million- and have 100s of friends and the congratulations of your coevalss, if you have all that but do non calculate out this basic truth, you are still in religious kindergartenHave you discovered what life is all about? Life is nil without God. Everything else is merely inside informations. Knowing the God who made you is the most of import thing in life. It gives intending and aim to everything else.

If you do non cognize God, nil else affairs.So the inquiry we need to inquire is this: make you cognize God, and if you do non would, you like to cognize Him? The good intelligence is you can cognize Him. However, before we can acquire to the good intelligence, we have to confront the bad intelligence.

In add-on, that is the following chapter is all about.

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