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Last updated: August 28, 2019

The Most Common Ways You Could Get Tricked into Compromising Company Data  Today’s security threats take many forms, from person to highly organized hire teams capable of breaching the most sophisticated defense systems to target personal, corporate or state secrets. Organizations need to review the nature of security and adopt a comprehensive approach in which security is an integral part of the business model, which includes risk management and the development of digital confidence on an ongoing basis. There are many threats such as data theft from corporate information by strangers, theft or corruption of personal information by insiders on businesses.  Some tricks are used for hacking Trick 1 – Phishing by persuasive emails There are potential weaknesses in the network path.

When you receive an e-mail message, this information can easily be fooled, and your mail server does nothing to authenticate the origin of the e-mail. To protect from the tricks, use spam filtering software, do not open emails from obscure generals, a simple phone call to the supposed sender will also be good precautions.  Trick 2 – Malicious code injection via email attachments and links E-mail is hiding a bit of malicious code in the attachment or email link, while the message itself is not serious. You can be protected from the tricks by malware evaluation of links and attachments. If the system detects something suspicious, it will isolate the attachment or prevent the connection. It is always helpful to have separate email addresses for work, home and even multiple email addresses for different types of correspondence.

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If you receive an email in your work email if that email not from the work, you’ll know it’s suspicious because nobody knows your work email, except who you work with.  Trick 3 – Gain access to the network through personal devices  Not all programs are safe, and applications are an easy way to access illegal computers. They need to be controlled through policies and education. Using Finn may require a secure connection to corporate networks. 2 | P a g e  The main conclusions: – Organizations can provide virus and malware protection services for use – Existing security talent should be increased and trained to cope with the evolution of security attacks. – Security operations and operational management must cooperate to identify and perform gaps between security and operational requirements while ensuring a high level of enterprise-wide security preparedness. – security teams should develop innovation and testing capabilities to quickly and efficiently identify and test new technologies to keep up with evolving security threats.

– Secure transparent, transparent relations and partnership between the Foundation and its employees, partners and customers. – Understanding the hackers’ methods and instilling vigilance in all employees is the best way to prevent the accidental insider from hurting your company. – Prevent the installation of unauthorized applications. by making the individual a “user” of their machine and not an administrator. Only the administrator, the IT department, can install applications.

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