The orders without questioning. I agree with Socrates

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Last updated: February 24, 2019

The main claim inEuthyphro by Plato is ethics. This text is based on teaching; it indicates how Socratesis leading Euthyphro to his own thinking, and letting Euthyphro think aboutwhat he truly believes.

The discussion between Socrates and Euthyphro was aboutpiety, pleasing the gods, and justice. Socrates tries to question Euthyphroabout piety, when Euthyphro answers Socrates refuses to believe that what he issaying is right. Socrates says what is piety can’t be an indistinguishablething from what is approved of by the gods, yet Euthyphro argues that all godsagree and fair on things like when someone kills another, that individualshould be punished.

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Euthyphro explains that justice is part of piety, hisreasoning is that piety and justice are a piece of equity providing support tothe gods; it is figuring out how to satisfy them in words and deeds but Socratesargues that men kind are just slaves to the gods because they only followorders without questioning.I agree with Socratesargument how there is not a true definition of piety. People believe in thingsbecause they were told to, some may know about why they do the thing they dofor religion but there is still no evidence that what they are doing is rightor for someone else.

People do things to prove that their existence is for apurpose, in religion it means spreading knowledge about god from generation togeneration. Plato’s text was suggesting that knowledge only comes when we canlegitimize and represent our actual convictions. I don’t believe anyone can bewrong in what they truly believe in. If an individual believes in god that is becausethey see the point of doing it, some individuals don’t believe in gods because theydon’t see what others see.

In this case there is no right answer to anything,we just make a meaning to things because we think they matter or have a value

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