The Organization of Change

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Last updated: October 27, 2019

The Organization of Change Name: Institution: The Organization of Change The global exchange especially in ideas, processes, technology and design plays a significant role in contemporary organizations. The main lesson learnt by organizations is that globalization provides organizations with the means to induce innovation and creativity especially in developing products.

Nowadays, product development involves the innovative designs in products that cater for the needs of the modern and informed consumer. For instance, a company such as Safaricom linked health-providing services with telecommunication to allow consumers to receive hospital services (Safian, 2013). Accordingly, the change in technology dissolves the obstacles of time and distance allowing overseas firms to engage in business transactions. Furthermore, globalization introduces new ideas that are possible for organization to integrate due to the unrestricted nature of the new environment. Furthermore, a change in ideas and technology also sparks a change in processes, which inclines organizations to adopt new procedures of business that conform to the new market.

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Notably, an organization breaks the rules of the expected by disrupting the existing market. At this point, innovation involves venturing into new unexplored fields by producing new, different and innovative products. Furthermore, due to dynamism in ideas and technology, organizations can test out new fields irrespective of past negative assertions.

Furthermore, for a firm to break such rules, it requires a 10X improvement in performance. However, even though a 10X change comprises incremental improvement as a factor, this alone is not enough. It also requires inculcating non-linear ideas.

Additionally, invoking innovative change requires integrating ideals from Maslow’s Eupsychian management and Morgan’s eight organization metaphors. An ideal from Maslow’s theory involves viewing individuals as obtaining the impulse to achieve (Maslow, 2000). This correlates to Morgan’s metaphor involving the organization as a System of Alteration and Change. Encouraging individuals to achieve will drive an organization to introduce new ideas that will spur change in leading the respective market.

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