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The most inimitable place to be, besides in the basketball court, is my home land,Grenada. The tropical mountains, clean crisp air, and the culture of my people. The memoriesand joy I experience when I am there will always have a special place in my heart.

My home land, Grenada is surrounded by a large body of water located in the West Indiesalso known as the Caribbean, this body of water is where many people dream of visiting. jewel-Blue waters sparkle in the sunlight. The water so clear that in the right season I can spot thefishes as they swim through the calm waters. The coral reefs which run near the equator createscenery like none other. The coral create all sorts of formations, they seem like a piece of artcrafted by an architect. The sand is a mine field of corals, with a collection of many differentmulticolored sea shells which lay like a bed of blankets.

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Just like the sea, the land of my home isbeautiful. My home is filled with gigantic, thick forested areas that seem like another astonishingplanet. The curving palm trees is that of an average height, it’s leaves hanging lifelessly, the onlymovement was made by a small gentle sea breeze that filled the air with the aroma of salt.

Theseforest are home to many animals. In this area the people are awoken by the tweeting of birds,fresh air and a glimpse of the sun forcing its way through the bamboo-brown forest. The peace ofthe morning is soul soothing. One cultural event that my country is well known for is Jouvert. Jouvert is an earlymorning practice that ushers in the first day of carnival.

Jouvert is walking the streets earlymorning with rattling cowbells. Jouvert if frenzy. Jouvert is wild. Jouvert is masquerade with orwithout a mask.

Jouvert is that one celebration where all the kids will run to the streets to seetheir favorite jab jab band pass with their bodies painted in tar or water paint. Jouvert is when thestreets are filled with all sorts of music from both instruments and stereos. People participating inthe celebration dance through the streets as if under the influence of alcohol. bystanders will tryto shelter from the scorching sun but the participants could care less, because they know whenthe celebration comes to an end they will all rush to a near by river and cool them selves off likehot charcoals that was removed from a furnace. If I could, I would always visit home. No matter where I go, Grenada will be home in myheart.

No matter my age, Grenada holds some of the most memorable and cherishing parts of mylife.

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