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Themain objective of law schools is to train lawyers in a formal and structuredway by offering a pre-set curriculum.

Law schools curricula which are in theform of programs are generally certified by academic institutions such asuniversities or colleges. They make a proper set up to maintain and monitor theuse of prescribed curricula. The aim of all law school in our country is totrain the lawyers and make them learn how to find the law, content the law andto practice the law.            The curriculum is always expected tobe of high quality. A typical LLB programme consists of a combination offoundation courses that are generally compulsory and a no. of elective subjectsin order to fulfill a specific area of specialisation.

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            The depth of the core curriculumcontent is one of the factors in determining the quality of law programmes. Thecore curriculum is necessary because the lawyer is adequately trained andelective courses enable students to pursue their own area of interest also makedevelopment in expertising  in certainfields of law.            But there are major deficiencies inthe curriculum model of present days. They are discussed as follows:i.           ABSENCE OFRESEARCH SKILL COMPONENT A lawyer’s task always requires application of researchskills. Formulation of issues, findings of law, supporting of arguments are thedifferent steps for a lawyer to develop their research skill. To complete theseall task there is a need of research technique. But this is not supported bythe present legal curriculum.

The absence of research skill is a lacuna. TheNational Law Schools overcome these deficiencies by studying the legal methodand produce project papers of publishable quality. But other Universities andlaw schools are still lacking behind and is unable to give a proper training onresearch skills to students.ii.

           NEGLIGENCE OF REGIONAL LANGUAGE COMPONENTLegal education process appears to be developing but thereis a neglect shown to regional language component in the legal curricula.Language is a part of the culture through which legal norms grew and got intothe practical system. Socio-legal culture developed in the regional languagesshould get an exposure. Many of the cases or conveyances are drafted in theregional language, which is understandable by parties. The use of regionallanguage can help in the properly distributing the legal service.Justice M.

N. Sukhla, U.P.

High Court viewed that courtscould be linked with the people only by using people language, it is anecessary democratic feature of the court and one of the foundation of socialjustice. Prabadhan Samiti vs. Zilla Vidyalaya Nirikshak, AIR 1977 ALL 164.A compulsory paper on law oriented regional language isrequired in all colleges and law schools for all students. A paper on legallanguage and legal curriculum is presently given only at pre-law level whichmust be changed and it must be included in 3 year LLB courses also.iii.

           OVERBURDEN OF RESEARCH IN LLM LEVELThe importance of research componential LLM level assuggested by CDC (Curriculum Development Committee) has reduced the number ofpapers. This practice has changed the opportunities of having specialization intwo groups, which is practiced by traditional universities for a long time.Unless dissertation works are properly planned, monitored or supervised theexcellence in research would not be attainted.

Plagiarism has turned into a serious threat to the researchguides because rampant practice is done through downloading and puttinginternet materials in the research project. It is making students andresearchers lazy. iv.           KEEPING AWAY THE PURE SCIENCE PAPERS Students of integrated five years LLB course are prescribedwith social science papers for study but pure science papers are kept away fromlearning. There are various problems like Information Technology, ForensicScience, Pollution, Engineering Works, contracts require proper understandingof scientific matters. A paper of general science is required in developing thelawyer’s skill.

An additional course on computer can also help the students whoare not computer graduate towards better professional service in the age ofe-learning, e-library and the internet.v.           NONAVAILABILITY OF SKILLED TEACHERSPeople going through law courses either choose to practiceor government service or any other corporate service. Very less students areinterested in the teaching profession which is becoming a deficiency in presentsystem. This arises a non-availability of skilled and talented teachers who canteach the students in a proper manner. vi.           NO UNIFORM SYLLABUS IN ALL UNIVERSITIESThere is no uniform and fix syllabus in all universities.

All law schools make their own syllabus and their own arrangement of subjects.The compulsory papers are same in all universities but the elected papers aredifficult. And the arrangement of the subjects according to the year is alsodifferent. This creates a very serious problem because there is a lack ofproper uniform learning system. This creates a huge difference in the studentsof different universities.vii.           NO PROPER MARKING SYSTEMIn various universities there is problem in marking system.

Students if traditional universities always complain of marking system. Privatelaw schools and other law schools also have marking system issues. So, theremust be a proper guide for the uniform marking system in all universities.

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