The Parisian Hotels

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Last updated: October 28, 2019

Name: Course: Tutor: Date: The Parisian Hotels The Parisian palace hotels Have a story to tell For a hundred years or more Have been French tradition guardians Not for the low and poorly But from the high and richly Coming from afar and wide Looking for pleasure and luxury A celebration of art de vivre Described by many a manager A pride of Paris and France And the whole of Europe at a glance The story has reached the rest of the world Of the beauty and the decor untold The Asians have more than an interest Investing to pose a challenge Both young and old are welcome Both local and foreign Set to suite the old at all time And the young in entertainment Did I hear yoga mats in the rooms? And massage parlors in the suites? Flat screens on the walls And the spa in all-suite design? To search for soul and self Is what the guests long for That which is not in marble or gilt But a story to be told now and after In a city full of rich with history The hotels contribute to the story Each room having a story to tell At a cost only a few embrace All ye travelers and business people All ye adventurous and luxury lovers Accommodation is more than can be handled Parisian Hotels holding the candle

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