The part of pilgrimage plays a huge part in the religious life of Christians.

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Christians visit places in the Holy Land where Jesus lived and preached or where people say the Vigin Mary has appeared, like in Lourdes.

Some Christians feel that going on a pilgrimage they can find themselves getting much closer and involved in God and understanding him in a much greater way.Their visit enabled their faith to reach higher levels because they have spent time with a group of people who are all like-minded Christians, who all have the same views. All though some people disagree, the idea of a being with other Christians is an important one, as it ensures people about there faith.People like to go to the Holy Land to get closer to god as it says in the churches teaching we should always try to get closer to god to strengthen our bonds with him. This is also true for Lourdes as people go as it is where Marry was seen and where miracles have taken place.There are many reasons why Christians go on a pilgrimage, some religious and spiritual, some not. Most people go on a pilgrimage to renew their faith and their relationship with God. Because the whole idea of the pilgrimage is related to their faith, after pilgrimage they know that they have been spiritually healed and they feel like they have been reborn.

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When these pilgrims start this scared journey, they always feel that they have countless of sins but at the end of the pilgrimage, they come to feel that their hearts have been washed and are now as pure as snow. They go back home with no feelings of guilt retained in them. In other words they have a feeling that their sins have been forgiven.They sometimes come from different places and from different social backgrounds but at the course of the journey, they come together and unite as one big family.

LourdesAs a result of Bernadette’s visions and subsequent claims of healing, Lourdes has become a major centre for people seeking to be healed. Hundreds of thousands of people go on a pilgrimage there every year, a large percentage are handicapped or ill in some way.One of the most important things to do at Lourdes is to bathe in the water.The baths are specially made so that all people can bathe in it, from the completely healthy to those who are disabled. The reason for this is so that people can have the chance of having miracles performed on the by the holy contents of the water.

Physical healing isn’t the only reason why people bathe in the spring water. People hope to wash away their sins and to have spiritual healing.There are many reasons why a person should go on pilgrimage and what is there for them. The things that we know are that a person must go out of their way to go to places like Lourdes. We also know why they go and what they do at pilgrimage. After so much hard work and penance, you may ask, ‘What did they get out of it?’To answer this question I have two main replies which show the benefits of going on a pilgrimage.The first reason would be physical replenishment.

The idea of relaxation and a holiday is sewn into pilgrimage so that it is not just a holy journey but a holiday where people are able to enjoy themselves and be completely relaxed. There is also no stress on the holiday which helps with mental rejuvenation. The enjoyment of a holiday atmospherethe second reason is spiritual healing and sometimes physicall healing. Most pilgrims are happy to go and pray and bathe at Lourdes and return home spiritually enriched and with their lifes changed in some way, even if they have not been physically healed. Most pilgrims are looking for spiritual guidance to help cope with their illness, occasionally pilgrims do belive they have been physically healed on pilgrimage in Lourdes.Holy LandsChristians belive that the Holy Lands have special connections with great figures or events in the Christian faith, Christians belive that these places have a special feel about them, an awe, a special holiness that comes from being used and prayed in for centuries.For generations, Pilgrims have treated these places with repect as holy places.

Many pilgrims feel that something rubs off on them during their stay there.So going on pilgrimage is the most important thing many Christians could possibly do because the religious aspect of it to see the place where many of the famous stories which were told in the bible actually took place and they can feel very emotional.Many Christians experience a tremendous excitement at the thought of being able to visit places that Jesus would have visited and to trace his spiritual journey fron the years in Galilee to his death and ressurection in Jerusalem.because they can understand and it makes it clearer for them how Jesus lived when he was a member of human kind. Christians can also go on pilgrimage because they feel it is their duty to God to go to the Holy Land. Some Christians may even go because they believe that God has called them.

There are trips by special pilgrimage Tour Companies and many people sometimes come together to experience the pilgrimage with other serious Christians.Some people find it healing being in a community of people being there for the same reason. Some Christians want to re-act what Jesus did e.g.

Re-newing their baptism vows in the same River where Jesus was baptised. This makes them feel closer to god, and that is why it is so important to Christians.

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