The past occurrence which could relate to the diplomatic

The generalobjective is to determine the impact and strength of the diplomatic role playedby Algeria in the Sahel region.

Main objective is to determine theeffectiveness of the intervention by Algeria in promoting peace in thecountries of the Sahel region, and really capture the courses that took placeduring diplomatic intervention by Algeria in the restoration of peace in theSahel region. Analyzing the influence of diplomacy agreement between the Maliand Algerian government is also part of the objective. I also seek to determinethe credibility and the crisis management weight of the Algerian government inthe Sahel region.  Onresearch questions, I wanted to know if Algeria had applied internationalpolicy in restoring peace in Sahel region. I also wanted to retrace the processthat took place during diplomatic intervention by Algeria to restore peace inthe Sahel region.

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Determining if the diplomacy agreement between Mali andAlgerian government was of any influence in the Sahel region and finally todetermine the credibility and crisis management impact of the Algeriangovernment influence in the Sahel.. In theresearch study the above questions play a great role in the guidance of theflow of the research. These questions guide the link between the objectives andthe literature review of the research.

This is because they are ones which showthe possible factors which would influence the achievement of these objectives.Therefore, I will look into the past instances that have dealt with such factors,as a way of trying to compare the past occurrence which could relate to thediplomatic role of Algeria in Sahel crises     Achieving the objectives of the research would be a major incentive for mesince, it would help to have various findings which through analysis couldactually assist me to have reliable conclusions. Objectives in this researchstudy are the key determinants of the study and if I am able to meet them, thenthe research would become easy to conduct. However, there are main factors whichwould help me to achieve the objectives successfully Therefore, I came up withvarious research questions that would help me to clearly analyze and strategizevarious ways I would use to achieve the objectives. These research questionswere meant to assist in critically discussing the questions which would come upwhile trying to achieve the objectives. They are actually meant to reduce thechallenges which may come up during the research.This study isjustified by the fact that it will analyze the diplomatic intervention ofAlgeria in countries such as Libya, Mali and other affected nations in theregion.

The study shall outline how the government of Algeria played part inensuring peace is restored to those countries. The method used by the country tointervene in other nation affair shall be outlined and this shall guide peopleon where the country was right in the negotiations process and instances wherethe country went wrong in the negotiations process. The study is justified indetermining whether the methods used by Algeria were successful or not. Forinstance, in the diplomatic intervention for the Mali crisis, the president ofMali blamed the government of Algeria for not having a clear stand in thenegotiation process. The study will identify the flaws in the strategy ofintervention in Mali and will help analyze the best strategy in holdingdiplomatic talks for a country in a state of war.

The study is justified inestablishing the flaws that Algeria demonstrated in the diplomatic interventionin a war sitiuation and how it can be improved by a country engaging indiplomatic intervention in another country that is war prone.The Sahelregion denotes the biogeographic zone of transition between the Sahara desertand the Sudan savannah. The area stretches from the red sea form the east andextends to the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The Sahel region covers the full orpart of the following countries: Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria,Niger, Chad, and Libya.

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