The Paying of College Athletes

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The Paying of College Athletes: An Annotated Bibliography O’Shaughnessy, Lynn.

“7 Things You Need to Know About Sports Scholarships. ” US News. U. S. News & world Report, 22 June 2010. web. 20 June 2012.

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httpw www. usnews. com/education/blogs/the-college-solution/2010/06/2217-things-you- need-to-know-about-sports-scholarships This source gives information on sports scholarships. It states that there are seven things to know about college scholarships. The first thing an athletes needs to know is the odds are remote.There are roughly 138,000 athletic scholarships available for Division I and Division II sports.

Next is money is not that great and most scholarships are sliced and diced. The ones who give out the scholarships like to nitpick them. Students should not wait to be discovered.

Unless they are top notch, many college coaches probably wont know he or she exist. Teenagers should send an e-mail to introduce themselves to coaches at schools that they think they’d like to attend. They should include their own personal info and the position they are interested in, as ell as their statistics.Finally, not all scholarships are guaranteed.

Athletes have to work for them and prove they are the right one for it. Turner 2 I plan to use this in my Researched Argument Paper to find more accurate information on college scholarships for athletes. McQuilken, Kim.

Road to Athletic Scholarship: What Every Student, Athlete, Parent And Coach Needs To Know. New York University Press, 1996. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). web. 18 June 2012. This source is similar to the one above. This explains what each and every specific erson needs to know to receive a scholarship.

Scholarships are given daily, but athletes really have to be on their p’s and q’s to earn one. This source is from a book and is telling the author’s story on how she got an athletic scholarship. I plan to use this source to give some examples of what it is like to travel down this road. Sports in America: Recreation, Business, Education and Controversy. Stephen Meyer. 2012ed. Information Plus Reference Series Detroit: Gale, 2012.

152 pp. This source comes from a book. The author explains the controversy and tension n sports.Playing sports is not an easy thing.

In this source there are, the business’ that deal with scholarships and their perspectives on it. Another thing mentioned is many people believe getting an education is more important than playing sports. Turner 3 occur with scholarships and among who. Sack, Allen L. , and Ellen J. Staurowsky. College Athletes For Hire: The Evolution And Legacy Of The NCAA’s Amateur Myth.

Praeger, 1998. EBook Collection (EBSCOhost). web.

18 June 2012. This source is about scholarships and the NCAA.In todays society things are a lot different than past times. More and more athletes are signing college scholarships to play sports. While getting a scholarship is important, its not as crucial as it should be. This sources also states how college athletes should be given some kind of reward to play. I plan to use this source to really pinpoint why college athletes should be paid to Nocera, Joe.

“Here’s How TO Pay Up Now. ” The New York Times. The New York Times, 01 Jan. 2012. Web. 20 June 2012.

http://www. nytimes. om/2012/01101 [magazine/lets- tart-paying-college-athletes. html? pagewanted=all. This source is from an online newspaper. The editor is stating how college athletes should start being paid to play their sports.

Division I schools have started paying their athletes a $2,000 stipend. Although that may sound good, Division Ill schools are where its at. The article also describes other viewers feelings towards this as well as his Turner 4 I plan to use this source to show the concise amounts of money being offered and differentiate between the Division schools.

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