The people in their free time. Theatre was

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The theatre is a type of art, which was born from communication with the gods, rituals for various cults and to entertain people in their free time. Theatre was also the place where people got a political and social education, it was also used as a place of civic and philosophical debates and had functioned as a spiritual purification.

They have been designed as temples of art and they were seeking to remove their audience from everyday concerns and to send them in some virtual reality but the function of the theatre since the early beginnings is to entertain people. Theatre brings stories and performances to amuse  the public and with stories it brings pleasure. This makes it an important part of life for some people and for theatre to complete its purpose, it needs space.

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Theatres have been located everywhere, from the most elegant residential areas to working-class neighborhoods so it is available for everyone.  Normally nowadays we imagine theatre as a building that has a architectural space designed for performances , but in medieval times there are examples where theatres existed as an important part of urban life and they didn’t have any specific architectural elements devoted for its use. In 1597 Cuthbert Burbage had inherited a theatre in London which was the first of its type but it was just called The Theatre. Using this building as a base and adding some materials in the theater it became the most impressive theatre which was built in 1597-1598.

This theatre is also called as The Shakespeare globe theatre, because it was a place where Shakespeare staged most of his greatest plays. Plays in the globe theatre usually started at three o’clock. There were three types of flags which were hang on the flag mast and used to indicate what type of play was to be played. Red was for history , white for comedy and the black flag would indicate that tragedy it was a day for tragedy usually that play would include death scenes. The first Folio was published in 1623 and was a collection of 36 plays by Shakespeare.

None of his plays were published when he was alive but written plays by Shakespeare were performed at the globe theatre. A tourist called Thomas Platter said in his diary that he had witnessed an amazing performance on Julius Cesar, which was performed by 15 actors. Also many notable plays were performed during 1600-1613 starting with hamlet and ending with Henry VIII. Also a lost play of Shakespeare called Cardenio should have been played in 1612.

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