The people jobs. The politics in the roaring

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The great depression and the roaring twenties are very different time spans and happened one right after the other and the great depression had a bad effect, but the roaring twenties had a good impact on society. The great depression was a time where the economy fell and it was caused by a stock market crash that happened in october 1929 and this event kept the economy down for 10 years. The roaring twenties was a time where the economy was full of prosperity and of overconsumption.

This time was also called the jazz age this time was full of flappers.The society in the great depression took a toll on everyone. In 1933 the average family income had dropped by 40 percent. Millions of people lost their savings due to multiples of banks failing in the 1930’s. Many were deprived or evicted from their houses and apartments. The marriage and divorce rates went down to the fact that they couldn’t be able to pay lawyers. About 250,000 youths were on the road hitchhiking from city to city in hope to find better living conditions or a job and unemployment was at a high rate. The society in the roaring twenties changed because the wages for the americans went up and as the economy was booming the prices for product became low.

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Most people started living at a higher standard of living due to these changes and the consumer production increased. Women started to dress up differently than traditional women would and the would be called flappers. The two major differences is that in the great depression lasted for about 10 years and that it had a negative impact in the economy. In the roaring twenties it differs from the great depression by the economy was booming and everyone was having a good life and it only lasted about 9 years. Many cultures arose from the roaring twenties and so did flappers.The politics that were going on in the great depression were caused by the president roosevelt’s new deal. This deal was used to help people in poverty, unemployment, and disintegration in the american economy.

The civilians conservation corps(CCC) was a part of roosevelt’s political movement. Other movements that were in his new deal was tennessee valley authority(TVA), works progress administration(WPA). These plans were made to help bring back up the economy and give people jobs. The politics in the roaring twenties were the teapot dome scandal in which a lot of people decided whether to trust the government or not. One president that was elected wanted to do a campaign that was known by the slogan return to normalcy. The differences between the great depression and the roaring twenties in terms of politics is that one had a campaign to better the economy while the other one tried to better the economy as it was booming. The politics were way different as they wanted a president to better the economy as it was at rock bottom due to the great depression and the politics in the roaring twenties shows that they wanted to see how they could better the economy.The economy for the great depression went rock bottom after the stock market crash of 1929.

When the stock market crashed the people tried to sell their shares and tried to get their money out of the banks so the banks failed to give back the money causing people to lose all of their savings. The economy for the roaring twenties was booming because the wages of people went up and the prices of products went down. The consumer production went up and people were living at high standards now. The difference is that the great depressions economy at the time was rock bottom and the roaring twenties was booming at the time .In the end the great depression affected everything negatively and the poverty lasted for about 10 years and the roaring twenties lasted for about 9 years and the economy was booming.

When you get to predict future events based on past history it is very easy to avoid past mistakes like the great depression.

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