The personal opinion I had to prove that

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The questions I focused on answering in this project was how does money impact the ability of individuals to make healthy food choices? I chose this question because I wanted to learn more about. Because Well I came to a big conclusion that yes, it does.

Cause Coming from a struggling family myself its cheaper to have something like hamburger helper than going to the store spending money on vegetables and hole full meal. But That’s just my personal opinion I had to prove that it cost more money to eat heathier. So, in trying to find answers to this question my research focused on how much a family cost to feed.On my first website I searched I found out that a regular diet cost 5.56 a day where healthy choice meals would cost 11.21 which is a 1,219.10 difference a year from a healthy choice meal is 2,061.

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50 which is an 842.40 difference which is a lot for struggling family’s this is just for only one person which proves that it cost more to eat healthy. (kobayashi,2014)On the second website I’m going to try to prove that people who live off of food stamps its harder to get healthy food because they have other things to buy. I researched it and it says that for a 5-year-old it cost 167.40 a month just to eat a regular meal without all the healthy choices. But for 1-person u get 125 dollars a month. That’s not even enough to eat without a lot of healthy choices.

People are on food stamps because they can’t afford food because they haveto pay for other bills so buying healthy food and spending more money can be a burden on their funds. That’s why most people with food stamps just buy food that would fill up them and their kids than buying healthy choices. This helps prove my point that its harder to eat healthy on food stamps. (A quick guide to snap Eligibility and benefits September 14,2017)For my third Researched website Im going to try to find out how much it cost to feed a teenager. I found a survey that was done buy farm rich is a food place that makes different type of frozen foods.

On A new survey conducted by farm rich finds the average parentsSpend a staggering 51,790 to feed their teen between ages 13 and 19 .the research suggests teens appetites can take more than a financial toll on their parents. This proves that money is the big thing in all of this that all depends how much money u have the more healthier u can eat. Specially if u have a big family.

And that it cost a lot more to feed a teenager and would cost even more to feed them health (Sarah D. Young,2017)My fourth researched website says eating healthy vs unhealthy diet costs about 1.50 more per day. Meta-analysis pinpoints the price difference of consuming a healthy diet which could be burden for low income families but is compared with health costs of eating an unhealthy diet.Also the Harvard school of Public Health did research and found out the healthiest diets cost about 1.50 more per day than the least health diets.they also say that people often say that healthier foods are more expensive and that such costs strongly limit better diet options(Eating healthy vs unhealthy diet cost about 1.

50 more per day December 5,2013)I have came to the conclusion that yes it does affect what u can afford because even tho it might not seem in some of my research that it’s a big money difference but all that adds up. And when u have a big family it really add up.

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