The petroleum extraction process, coal mining, mobile explosion,

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 The term “global warming”refers to an abrupt rise in the earth’s temperature, beyond the tolerablelimit. Human and natural causes might be accredited for the rise in the globalsurface temperature. This issue has become a major concern, worldwide. Thegradual rise in the Earth’s temperature leads to melting of ice-caps in thePolar Regions.

As aconsequence, the earth’s water level increases beyond the optimal level. Thatposes life threat. Extreme heat causes a violent disruption in the Earth’secological balance. The ecologists and the biologists of the major nations havegone through an in-depth research work and analysis to find out the actualcauses and possible outcomes of global warming. This would also help us toreverse the process of warming up.              “Thetruth is, as most of us know, that global warming is real and humans are majorcontributors mainly because we wastefully burn fossil fuels”- David Suzuki.Thus the human activities might be primarily held responsible for this drasticchange in global temperature. There can be enormous causes that might lead tothis problem.

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  Our planet is covered likea blanket of gases which keep the earth’s atmosphere warm and enablessustenance of lives on earth. Now this blanket of gases is getting thicker dueto the deposit of greenhouse gases-released due to burning of fossil fuels,used in energy production, electricity and transport (Hardy, 2003). The majorgreenhouse gases are Carbon Monoxide, Methane and Sulphur dioxide. Theseharmful gases do not allow the heat to radiate out of the earth’s surface whichinvariably raises the temperature. The major source of greenhouse gas emissionmight be volcanic explosion. A huge amount of CO2 might be released from asingle volcano, which raises the temperature to a high level. Again the heatcannot escape the, it gets trapped within by the greenhouse emissions.

Methaneis also an important greenhouse gas that can hold back approximately 25 timesmore heat that CO2. Cattle dungs, landfills, natural gas, petroleum extractionprocess, coal mining, mobile explosion, or industrial waste process are thepossible sources of methane gas formation. Since the origin of human species, we have undergonedifferent stages of evolution that have brought about major transformations inthe earth’s constitutions. For the sake of living and inhabitations, the humanbeings have resorted to cutting down of trees to make land for houses andbuilding. For the sake modernization, we have almost depleted natural resourceslike coals, oil and petroleum (UK, Essays, 2017). The industrial revolution and hugetechnological development have led to deforestation, burning of fossil fuels,mining, carbon emissions, automobile emissions and pollutions which haveviolently disturbed our ecological balance to a considerable degree.  The trees andother greeneries around us are the only source of oxygen for all the livingbeings, on earth.

Reckless cutting down of trees, lead to the crisis of thismajor life saving gas. Besides, the level of poisonous gas like CO2,CO and methane are increasing everyday due to atmospheric pollution (Hardy, 2003). The leadinggreenhouse agent in the US is gasoline, the burning of a single portion ofwhich might produce more than 20 pounds of CO2. Burning of oil,coal, petroleum is the primary origin of fossil fuels. The extraction of oiland petroleum in mines and industries produces huge amount of such pollutantswhich destroy the atmosphere, gradually. The burning of coal for electricity isthe one of the primary contributor of fossil fuels. As per the report of InternationalEnergy Agency, coal is the base material of half of the electricity producedand consumed in the US and the rest of the world (Biello, 2007). This is increasingat an alarming rate which jeopardizes the living conditions.

The industrialized nations are worst affected by theeffusion of poisonous gases like CO, CO2, ethane and methane; from automobilesand the outlets used in factories and industries. These carbon emissions arethe causes warming up of the global temperature and deterioration of lives onearth. In the UK around 45% of our carbon emissions come from business houses,around 30% are from vehicles and 25% are from household activities (Hardy, 2003).  The atrocity ofthe situation could be severe for the existence of human and animal lives. Itcan even lead to extinction of lives on earth. As a result of this, thetemperature increases.

It makes the planet unfavorable for lives. The depletionof forests leads to soil erosion which might trigger off land sliding andearthquakes. Apart from rising temperature, these denizens of pollutants mightcause serious health issues related to respiratory problems, thus affecting theliving condition of the people. Hence, deforestation should be minimized;afforestation should be encouraged. The glaciers are fast disappearing; sealevels are rising, seasons changing, coral reefs dying and extreme weatherevents becoming more pertinent.

The impacts of climatic change are alreadyresponsible for killing an estimated four lakhs people every year and damagingour biodiversity (Scottish Environment Protection Agency, 2017).The extreme rise in the Earth’s temperature might lead to various healthhazards. The melting of ice-caps, loss in biodiversity, and collapse of humanand animal lives are the major after effects of global warming. The increase inthe rainfall and excess of humidity in air might pose a threat to certainanimal and plants. Diseases become more apparent.

As temperatures goes up,condition of drought has increased in the U.S. The whole forests have begun todisappear including tens of millions of trees in Colorado’s Rockies. As the oceanictemperature rise, the occurrence of hurricane becomes stronger and that besevere for the costal nations. The increased occurrence of flood is a commonconsequence of global warming which would cut down crops, harvest, cattle andhuman lives.   The diabolicaleffects of the global warming deserve immediate attention. The solar energy,the wind energy, the tidal energy are the best alternatives to the greenhousegases. A proper power grid system might be installed to trap energy from theseinexhaustible sources of nature.

Installation of biogas plants might bereplaced with coal economy. This would help cut down greenhouse gases, and arecost-effective and boost up the country’s economic growth. Petrol drivenvehicles should be replaced with vehicles run on LPG or biogas. The use ofgasoline might be replaced with biodiesel. Hybrid vehicles, cycling, walkingare good alternatives to cars run by gasoline (Biello, 2007). Recycling is a good approach toreducing global warming.

The plastic materials, bottles, papers might beconverted in re-usable substances. This prevents the wastes of potentiallyuseful materials, which might lower the greenhouse emissions. Certain humanpractices like switching off electricity when not in use, planting of treesaround your houses, proper disposal of wastes, use of energy saving products,would definitely lessen the release of CO2 in the atmosphere. The agencies likeUNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, European Climate Change Programme, the Department ofEnergy and Climate change, committee on change, climate change Scotland Act2009, are some of the government regulations, strategies and organizationsthose are playing a major role in carving greenhouse effect; thereby globalwarming (Scottish Environment Protection Agency, 2017). Even a commonhouseholder might convey the concerns regarding global warming in the ScottishGovernment website or Greener Scotland.

 “Global warming is a fact. Now it’s up to liberals tomake it a reality. Hence there is crucial importance in preventing powerful,greedy free market forces from getting in the way of worsening storms andrising sea levels. The Kyoto Accord is good first step”- P.J. O’Rourke.

Hencethis is the crucial time that we fix our attention on this issue with wartimeemergency. If we consume less and concern more that might help a lot to saveour planet from the diabolical effects of global warming.

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