The popcorn containers and such on the floors after

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The Blind Side is a true story depicting Michael Oher’s story about the events that occurred leading up to his stardom as a Baltimore Ravens offensive left tackle. Michael is a very large, seventeen-year-old, African American. He was born in the slums to his drug addictive mother who would often be homeless with her twelve other children.

Michael was placed into Family Services but would run back to his mother every time he was placed into a new group home. Michael is later enrolled into a private Christian school due to the football coach looking for a new player his size. While at this Christian school he meets S.J. Tuohy who quickly befriends him.

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Due to Michael having no money for food, he will often scrounge for half filled popcorn containers and such on the floors after school sports finish. During one of these games, Mr. Tuohy, the school football coach, notices and buys him a meal card.             As winter begins to get colder, Michael finds himself walking along the road towards the school auditorium where he will often sleep, when the Tuohy family notices him without a jacket. S.J. Touhy tells Michael to get in the car and offers him a place to rest as well as food.

As the movie progresses S.J. Touhy offers Michael more and more including a room and bed of his own in their family house. S.J.  begins to do some digging into Michaels past regarding his education, she is surprised to find Michaels only high score was in maternal instincts. She then uses this information to encourage Michael on the football field because he was having trouble understanding how and what to do.

Michael soon becomes one of the star players on the team and is now receiving notice from colleges. Unfortunately, Michael must raise his education grades and is soon assigned a tutor who helps him succeed. Unfortunately, Michael must now make the decision of where to go to college and ultimately chooses Ole Miss, which happens to be where S.J. had been a cheerleader.

The police then begin to interrogate Michael as questions arise due to beliefs that the Tuohy’s are using Michael to benefit Ole Miss. As a result of the interrogation, Michael runs away before the interview can be completed. Michael goes back to the place he feels he belongs, back to the slums, where he is welcomed back by some men.

The gang leader then begins to proceed to saying he will be going after S.J. or her daughter this causes Michael to go into his instincts to protect his new family and shoves him.

He then proceeds to return to the interview and explain how he thinks of the Touhy’s as his family and that is why he chose Ole Miss.

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