The power in order to achieve their own

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The term empowerment is defined as the measures designed toincrease the degree of autonomy and self-determination in the work force inorder to enable them to perform in a responsible and self-determined way byacting on their own authority. Empowerment as an action not only refers to theprocess of self-motivation but also professional support to the work forcewhich enables them to overcome their sense of dearth and lack of influence andto identify and use their potential and resources. This concept ischaracterized by a move away from a deficit oriented approach towards a morestrength oriented perception. Robert Adams defines empowerment as the capacityof individuals and or groups that take control of their circumstances, exercisepower in order to achieve their own goals and the process by which individuallyand collectively, they are able to improve the quality of the work individuallyand collectively. It involves critical reflection and group participationthrough which individuals lacking an equal share of resources gain greateraccess to and control over those resources.Empowerment is defined by Xerox corporation as anorganizational state, where employees are aligned with business goals, andunderstanding their performance boundaries, thus enabling them to takeresponsibility and ownership while seeking improvements, identifying the bestcourse of action while identifying steps to satisfy the customers.

Certainreasons why supervisors do not support empowering teams is that they arereluctant to give up power, they have preconceived ideas about subordinates,they need to set a good example themselves and fear that they are ultimatelyheld accountable and look bad if it doesn’t pan out according to the plan. Team development has gone through many changes in the recentyears. The success of team work is dependent on its internal processes mainlyon the four steps that are forming, storming, norming and performing stages.Team work and functionality is known to improve after the members have beentogether awhile. However, when faced with a new team, it is very crutial that rapportis built with one another and trust is developed which is the backbone of teambuilding process. While teams are proven to be successful in many businessorganizations, they are not entirely free from problems. In such cases, consensusdecision making plays an important role in project success.

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This requires a greatdeal of team training through which credibility is established early on. It isvery important that employees are made aware of what the training is all aboutand get acceptance from each and every member to confirm if the employees arein agreement with the training guidelines. Then, a manger is responsible toensure that the employees adhere and adapt to what has been agreed upon.

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