The Power of Advertising

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We cannot underestimate the influence that advertising has upon our lives, it is impossible to ignore the messages that are being sent to us. Adverts appear in all areas of our lives, it is the aim of the producer to make the most impact and achieve their goal by generating more interest in their product or service. The industrial revolution saw a rise in consumer power, purchasers had more to spend, which saw an increase in the choices they could make. In order for the manufacturers of these new products to gain a healthy share of the market they had to ensure that all prospective purchasers could consider their product. Early advertisements in the early 1940’s, examples of which can be seen below, contained a large amount of printed information. It would be easy to make comparisons with articles rather than adverts.www.

adflip.comThe development of advertising saw an increase in the use of colour and a decrease in the amount of text being used. This simplified the message that was trying to be relayed, but also made the task of grabbing the attention of consumers even harder. The message they had to relay to the consumers needed to be quick and punchy so that the information can be absorbed in the few moments it takes for the reader to pass. This essay will investigate the different methods and theories that surround the world of advertising. It will also unravel how it affects our understanding of gender representation and the society around us.Our understanding of those around us is aided by images presented to us by the media; they confirm our perception of the world around us. This is achieved by constantly creating their interpretations of social groups and gender stereotypes, which we the public digest.

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The Advertising Standards Authority has conducted extensive research in relation to the effects of advertising. At this point I think it is important to list the findings from their study into ‘The Publics Perception of Advertising in Today’s Society.’ Feb. 2002. (Available online www.

asa response from those who took part in the study revealed these findings.- Advertising is anything that has a name on it.- They believed that advertising is part of everyday life; it is as natural as seeing trees and traffic.

– It is seen as a form of entertainment as well as informing us.- It is described as its own form of media, the medium of broadcasting a sales pitch, generating the same type of interest and hype as other forms of media.- Most believe that life without advertising would be quite dull, but would easy up on pressure to buy especially when concerned with products aimed at children.

– The audience is aware that without advertising, certain broadcasts would not exist. For example many sports rely on sponsorship, and ITV depend on the revenue that they receive from adverts.The study clearly shows that the public are wise to the methods used by advertisers but feel that life would be very strange without it. It is impossible to not come into contact with adverts in any ten minute period that is if you don’t own a TV or are not connected to the internet. For that is what advertisers strive to do, they want to be able to get their message across to as many people with the most impact.There are many theories that can be related to advertising; to begin with I will discuss Baudrillard’s theory of hyper-reality. He believes that in the new age of media saturation it is impossible to distinguish between what is real and was is not. The images that are produced represent a simulation reality and not in fact real.

This results in a condition which nothing we see is real and we loose the capability to make a distinction between actuality and fabrication. In advertising, the scenarios that we see are merely representations of what is deemed to be real; the vision of a woman in a kitchen confirms the social stereotypes that have domineered over many years. In today’s society we are aware that with the breakdown of the nuclear family these stereotypes do not exist, and advertisers have moved on from then, in the series of ‘Flash’ adverts for household cleaning products, we see the man of the house trying to get the housework done quicker than his partner.

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