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Last updated: February 16, 2019

1) Although some people may not be aware of the power the Internet holds upon us, it is essential that all users are aware of the dangers which lurk beyond the flashing text and fancy web pages. The term ‘WWW’ means ‘World Wide Web’ which is literally what the Internet is, as it is a way in which we are connected with the rest of the world and also to what is going on throughout the minds of certain individuals and governments.The ‘Web’ that the Internet is associated with, can weave in many different ways. It can lead us to many opportunities to help the needy and also to useful resources, or can even be a form of contact with loved ones. It maybe even the key to unlock problems around the world.

However, not everything found on the Internet is safe and useful, as the dark side of the ‘Web’ can trap the user and lead them into grave problems.An example of this is being led into traps as a result of ‘pop-ups’, which can often be bogus and result in money loss or other unfortunate circumstances. Another example is that disturbing sites, which infringe human rights, may appear on the screen without the user even searching for them. Exemplar of this is reported incidents of users being subjected to sites urging people to commit suicide or even to make a bomb. A final illustration of my point is that on some sites shocking material can be found without the user knowing that these sites contain it, which can lead to adverse effects.2) Albeit some may argue that people should be able to put anything they wish on the net, I do not agree. I believe that the net should be safe to enable people of all ages to use it freely.

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Some sites can put the viewer at risk of harm, such as ‘Chat Sites’, which are prone to the grooming effect. This has resulted in many paedophiles anomalously luring children, teenagers and even adults into giving them their personal details. This in turn then puts the user at risk of paedophilia, as there have been many incidents over the past years of rapes and even murders, as a result of Internet meetings. This is a prime example of the dangers of the net, and as for this reason many chat rooms have been closed down.I also believe that all material shown on the net should not be an infringement of our human rights, therefore sites that promote violence, self harm, or abuse should not be shown on the net. Although people may believe that the Internet is safe from these things, there have been sites on the net promoting suicide, abortion, selling souls, murder, terrorist attacks; as a result of bomb making, involvement in drugs, and many more. I do strongly believe that we should be safe in all environments we experience, even in technological places such as the net.

3) Whilst I believe that some inappropriate information should not be shown on the net, I do not believe this should prevent us to get vital and correct information needed to make decisions, such as during elections. I can deduce this, as I believe the net is a prime source of information to everyone in the world today, for without the net I couldn’t be writing this essay today. I feel that if the net has the right to protect us from harmful material to ensure us of a safe environment in harmony of our human rights, we should also be entitled to the right of knowing about things that can have an affect on us, such as elections, and government dictatorship. Also, if information is held back from us, it could prevent us from helping organisations all around the world in need of help.

I also feel that we should be able to view sexual content on the net, as it is not harming anyone, but causing quite the opposite effect.In conclusion, I believe that the Internet should be open to views and information that will balance the scales, by giving us a broad perspective on life and the world around us. Nevertheless, whatever is exposed to us should not infringe any of our rights, so that we are both protected from the bad and also exposed to the necessary information we need.

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