The Powerful Mind of Odysseus Essay

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among all the Greeks who sailed during the war against Troy. may be considered the luckiest. He is the swayer of a really peaceable island called Ithaca. where all his components love him. He is married to a really beautiful and faithful adult female by the name of Penelope. from whom he begot a bright and spirited immature boy.

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Telemachus. However. sing the rational capacity he was gifted with. it may be said that fortune has nil to make with it. It was pure mastermind. a blessing of the Gods which he utilized to his best advantage ( Homer and Murray ) .Upon the oncoming of the Trojan War.

King Menelaus. whose married woman was abducted by the prince of Troy invited Odysseus to take portion. but the wise male monarch of Ithaca did non desire to tamper with the personal personal businesss of a hubby whose married woman committed adultery so he disguised himself and tried to worsen the invitation through it. When he was eventually discovered. he was farther urged to fall in the war as he may be a really good strategian for the fleet. He proved to be an plus so as he was the 1 who devised the Trojan Equus caballus ploy. which led to the licking and devastation of Troy ( Homer and Murray ) .

Unfortunately. although the Greeks won the war merely one ship was able to go forth the shores of Troy safely and it had Odysseus on it. This ship has met tonss and more hazards along the manner for the Supreme beings were non pleased with the ferociousness that the Greeks have shown against the Trojans. It lasted for 20 old ages and before eventually doing it place. Odysseus. small by small. lost his work forces through different fortunes.

Once in the isle of Calypso. they were made to imbibe something that turned them into hogs. Another in the same island of Calypso. a Cyclops appeared and ate the staying work forces one by one.Merely Odysseus survived the dangers that came their manner.

but as he was coming place he had found his house filled with work forces wooing his beautiful married woman. Here once more. he used his mind.

As he was disguised by the goddess as an old adult male cipher recognized him but his faithful Canis familiaris and so he came to his boy. Telemachus and told him everything. Upon recognizing that he was so talking to his ain male parent. Telemachus agreed to assist him acquire rid of the suers and be recognized by his female parent. A twine bow competition was held in which Odysseus came out the victor.He was so recognized by his married woman and eventually he was place ( Homer and Murray ) .

In his really long journey. full of assorted dangers and experiences. Odysseus was able to demo his great strength.

bravery and mind. He was able to last all the challenges and successfully come place. He besides showed his aristocracy as he declined to be portion of what seemed to be a war for the interest of a adult female. However.

his thirst for glorification and assurance has driven him to fall in. In this war. he showed how intelligent he was through the schemes he devised for the Greek Fleet.He was besides able to demo his accomplishments in converting people as he was able to carry the great Achilles to fall in the war and battle for the Greeks.

However. all his great traits were unpleasant to the Gods because of his attitude and positions in life ( Homer and Murray ) . Because of his clear cognition of the things he possesses.

Odysseus had an chesty nature. He was braggart like Achilles. This was apparent when he came place and found that there are many suers in his house. he killed them all believing that none of them. but he entirely deserves the beautiful Penelope. His haughtiness even reached the Gods and it displeased them.

This haughtiness toward the Gods has led him and his ground forces to the hazards on their manner place. This haughtiness and non-submissiveness to the wants of the Gods brought about the deceases of his company and the devastation of the lone ship that was able to go forth the shores of Troy ( Homer and Murray ) . After the 20-year ocean trip that is full of unhappiness and bad lucks.

Odysseus learned to humble himself to the Gods and this humbleness helped him acquire place. The Good goddess Athena appreciated his mind and helped him in acquiring rid of the suers and acquiring his married woman back.She disguised him and helped him invent a manner to get the better of all the suers ( Homer and Murray ) . As he was successful in destructing the suers and happening his married woman still expecting his return.

once more Odysseus’ haughtiness dissolved and he realized that his married woman had been really loyal to him and so. he must make the same to her. He besides found out in his return that forbearance was so a virtuousness as he had to wait for 20 old ages before acquiring back everything that he one time had ( Homer and Murray ) . As may be seen. Odysseus’ positions and attitudes toward something have led him into the many bad lucks of life.It has led him into what seems to be a personal war. It took him into a journey within the parlous Waterss and isles for 20 old ages.

but it besides took him into a good realisation of what he possesses and a great grasp for it. It played a great function in his life as it shaped him to go a better individual. one that is more deserving of the blessings of the Gods. and one who deserves to be called the luckiest of all Grecian work forces who went to Troy. Works Cited Homer and Murray. A. T.

Odyssey. United States: Plain Label Books. 1946.

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