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Last updated: January 11, 2020

The fear is on its peak when a person on plane shows a flash of lightning.

Onething in mind is that once they might get struck by a lighting, they might experience planecrush. True however, but plane nowadays are designed to protect it from the effects oflightning. The risk of death due to lightning therefore is said to be a no problem anymore.

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So what happens to airplanes when struck by lightning? Airplanes are designedlike a mobile faraday cage- an invention of Michael Faraday which used to blockelectromagnetic fields (Wikipedia, 2017). According to Chandler (2017), these cagesoften look distinctly, well, cagelike. Some are as simple as chain-link fences or ice pailswhile others use a fine metallic mesh. Regardless of their exact appearance, all Faradaycages take electromagnetic radiation and spread them out around the exterior of thecage.

Just like that, airplanes also use metal as its covering surface. Aluminum forexample is used for it is one of the good conductors that allow electricity to flow. In thatcase, the covering of the plane takes the charges from lightning and dissipate it aroundits exterior part (Porter, 2017). For instance, when the nose of the plane is struck bylightning, the electrostatic charges will be distributed to the wings and to the tail or exit toother extremities not affecting the inside contents of the plane.What do you think will happen to you if your car get struck by a lightning while youare inside of it?Death would probably be the most answered word.

Though it is possible, yet carcould also protect us from the effects of lightning. According to some people, the reason vehicles provide protection from lightning isdue to the tires (Warrilow and Erdman, 2016). This myth becomes widespread but isactually not true in reality.

What true is that lightning flows around the outside of a car,and the majority of the current flows from the car’s metal cage into the ground below. Inessence, a car acts like a mobile Faraday cage.Just like the plane, the car itself functioned like the faraday cage as stated aboveand designed with a conductive material as its covering surface. This allows electricity toflow when struck by lightning not affecting the people inside the car. The electric chargesflow on the external parts of the car and once they meet, they repel each other goingtowards the ground.Risk would also be possible once lightning hit the car.

The people inside would beaffected if there is ventilation or any little gaps that may hinder the continuous flow ofelectricity. The charges might go inside the car and might burn the people since there arealso metallic parts inside that allows charges to flow. Moreover, there are also other casesthat may affect the people in the car. As of now, not all vehicles are created equalanymore. Convertibles for example do not have metal roofs, which compromises theFaraday cage affect. In addition, some vehicles are manufactured out of non-metal parts,which impedes electricity’s ability to flow through the car (Warrilow and Erdman, 2016).In this cage, the faraday cage is not applied and this may harm the people inside the car.


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