The Process of Americanizing the Native Indians

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Last updated: July 31, 2019

Dueling Document: “Americanizing” the Indian Document 1: Knowing what I know today it is hard to say that Advantages of “Americanizing” Indians has any truth bearing information at all. Back in 1887 there were false rumors of Native Americans Killing Whites as well as published news papers unfairly portraying Natives Americans as Killers and instigators of war.The Idea of Carlisle if I’m to comprehend living during that time seems completely reasonable given the date and limited knowledge; a place where Native Americans can go and replace their culture with our own diversely mixed up cultural and be laced back in society as a complete equal sounds like the perfect solution.

However, I couldn’t disagree more with this way of thinking. Document 2: “An Indian Girl’s Experience” perfectly paints us a picture of fear and destitute. The little girl living in fear describes her upbringing and the meaning of ones her hair. As I understand it now I’m sure it was understood then.How is this scared girl any different than that of a Jew being processed through the prison camps? Camps Like Auschwitz where Millions of Jews being processed died not only from bullets, but from loss of hope too.

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To reiterate my point once more, American POW’s captured in Korea were found dead not from battle wounds, but from destitute. The stain left on the shirt of American history is an important lesson that should not be forgotten. The backlash that it has caused set back many different generations of Native Americans and many of the wrong doings still have not been made right today.

It is a sad fact of life, that this segment of our Nations history has been swept under a rug of patriot acts not so patriotic, Mainly, other wars. If I am to agree toa dueling document I would agree that white-washing Native Americans was the wrong ourse of action and no institute can ever aid in the assimilation of many diverse groups and cultures creating a “perfect citizen” Personal Narrative: I sat there talking to a co-worker, a woman from Germany, and we discussed cultural differences.Poking fun at each other I then asked about Hitler and the Jews. She quickly responded with, “you are no different from us” and I said, “what do you mean? ” She said, ” what about the Indians, isn’t that genocide too? ” I sat there for a couple seconds thinking deeply and could say nothing, I knew she was right. The Process of Americanizing the Native Indians By aa_hicks24

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