The Project that would not die

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Last updated: October 29, 2019

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: The Project that would not die Question 1 The termination method that the company is using to eliminate the project is through reducing the funds that are allocated for it.

The top management of the company is gradually trimming the financial support that is offered for the project. This is because they have noticed that the Regency Project is not progressing as they had expected. However, they do not want to terminate it suddenly because it was created by the Vice President, Harry Shapiro. Moreover, the top management of the company does not have the mandate to terminate the project permanently, without the manager’s consent. Question 2 Some problems arise when the team members of the Regency Project notice that it has been earmarked for termination. According to Gido and James, the termination of a project affects the morale of the team members, negatively (134).

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In this case, the team members of the Regency Project will not be motivated to struggle with their task. This is because of fear of their efforts being unnoticed by the top management. This steers the demise of the project at large because the top management will not recognize its progress and growth. In addition, team members will shift from motivating to blaming each other. Despite the poor performance of the project, members are supposed to encourage each other to improve on their weaknesses. However, if the members realize that the Regency Project is being terminated, they will start blaming each other and this hinders team building. According to Nagarajan and Jeffrey, this usually happens when team players want to salvage their names from shame, in the eyes of the top management (57).

As a result, this causes poor synergy among team members of the Regency Project. Another problem that affects the motivation of team members in the Regency Project is the withdrawal of members from tasks that are associated with it. The dismal performance of the project has discouraged competent staff members from attempting to improve its activities. Some of the team members pulled out of the Regency Project in the past and this has reduced the labor that is available for performing tasks. As a result, the appointment of new and competent members to conduct tasks pertaining to the project discourages them.

This is because of skepticism of the success of the Regency Project, without being in the field. This is shown by Ben’s reaction when he is appointed as a team member of the Regency project. Question 3 Despite the dismal performance of the project, Harry Shapiro has played a huge role in keeping it alive up to date. This is possibly because of his capacity as the Vice President of the state.

Furthermore, the fact that he was the overall manager of the project for the first three months of its launch shows the influence that he has in the decision-making. This implies that he played a key role in the in keeping the project alive to date. Furthermore, the fact that he became the Vice President gave him more power over the project than the top management. This was possibly because of the office that he holds.

For this reason, it is difficult for the top management to kill the project without his consent. Additionally, since he was the founder of the project, it was difficult for him to let go of it. This was possibly because he believed that it would prosper in the future. References Gido, Jack, and James P. Clements. Successful Project Management.

Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Western, 2003. Print. Nagarajan, K, and Jeffrey N. Lowenthal. Project Management. New Delhi: New Age International (P) Ltd, 2010. Print.

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