The promise you” (The Prince, p.5), is advice

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Theworks of Machiavelli in “The Prince” marks the rise of his philosophy due tohis view of the society, government and human nature. I find the bookfascinating and interesting to read to acquire the political nature in linewith the supernatural thoughts, in this case, the purpose of God to man.Machiavelli illustrated in his texts that things are not what they seem to bebut are controlled by human attributes (Machiavelli & Lotherington, 2017). According to myunderstanding, he was trying to describe that human actions and plan is notfrom their might but are controlled and given selectively.

He showed us thatcertain things are needed in place so that the rulers can be successful. The part,”Accept, therefore, Your Magnificence, this is the little gift in the spiritthat I send it…that you may attain greatness that the Fortune* and all yourqualities promise you” (The Prince, p.5), isadvice to the leaders (Machiavelli& Lotherington, 2017).Moreover,Machiavelli illustrated that the concept of virtueis the range of a prince’s attributes that help towards the success of theirpower (Machiavelli , 2017). I find the argument of the author truein that, we should not fix our thinking only on our initiatives, but we should try to imitate our predecessorswho were successful.

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We should focus on the paths that they followed so thatthey guide our virtues. He writes, “Those who, like these men, become princesthrough their virtue acquire the principality with difficulty, but they hold onto easily” (The Prince, 22). The writings of the author remind me of the quotein the Bible, (Romans 13) that all the authority originates from God hence weshould be obedient and subject to them. I find the argument of developingvirtues true according to today’s leadership qualities.


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