The provoke horror or at least tension.In the beginning

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The Roombelongs to a escape-the-room and survival game genres where theplayer is imprisoned or inside a confined space and needs to solve series of puz-zles to unlock game items and progress in the game by escaping a location oruncover something.The Roomis a 3D point-and-click puzzle solving exploration game wherethe player has no interaction with other characters and is played from a first-person view. The game narration structure is to unravel a mystery in layers, themore the player progresses in the game the more knowledge the player obtainsabout the underlying story. The games objective is to solve four different puzzleboxes, each puzzle box corresponds to a level.

The player gets no backstory ofthe character or why the player is at this location. The graphics are the back-bone of the game and the gameplay has engaging sounds as the player tries tounravel the mysterious storyline. The sounds change as the player progressesand is suppose to provoke horror or at least tension.In the beginning of the gameplay the player starts with the first of four puz-zle boxes which is offered as a tutorial to demonstrate how to move the playeraround the box and interact with game items. The player can use a varietyof simulated actions by clicking on them; looking around, manipulating items,activating switches, turning wheels, zooming etc.The player also has a inventory for game items e.

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g. key found in a compart-ment of the first puzzle box. The player tries to solve the series of puzzle boxesthrough solving simple and complex puzzles on the way and utilizing game itemsthat the player finds through exploring the room. The player can always reveala clue when the player can’t progress in solving the puzzle boxes.

The Roomis a good example of using aexploratory puzzlegameplay style inthe overall gameplay. The player explores freely the location and solves puzzlesthrough logical thinking and makes use of game items that have been discoveredthrough exploring. When a puzzle has been solved another one appears oreventually the player uncovers a mystery.

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