The quality of Human Resources in country is

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Last updated: September 28, 2019

The quality of HumanResources in country is influenced bythe strong quality of education. Education is exteremelly crucial for a greatwealth. As a developed country, Japan is a country that has the propereducation system in Asia.

Based on 2017 Global Education Report, Japan is inthe second place after Finland. Characteristic of Japanese people known fortheir intellectual, disclipine, respectful,  hardworking, are shaped from their educational system. Thereare an incredibly cool education system and unique teaching methods, which makesit different from the rest of the world.  First, manner before knowledge.

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In Japaneseschool, for the first three years students learn manners, attitude of respectfor other, and moral. There is no exams,no to judge the childs knowledge but to establish great manner and todevelop their essential right character. In Japanese culture, teaching ethicsto the young generation is more important than doing the exam, because thecharacter of child must to taught from early.Second, most of college do not workJanitors. In Japanese school, student have to clean the classroom, halls, caffetariaand toilets all by them selves.  Students are responsible for the cleanliness of theschool.

Teachers and school staff are also join together in cleaning. Thus,will build teamwork and good relationships among fellow citizens..When cleaning, students are devided into small group. They also learn how to generous,  to respect with other people, self control andresponsible member of the sociaty.

Additionally, there is no social gab. In school, everyone eats the same kind ofmeal, students and teacher eat together in the class room. However, duringlunch students  have to enjoy, to interactwith everyone in their class,  and can’tbe exclusive from other classmates. Student also have to wear a school uniform.The uniform policy is intended toemove social barrier and helps to promote asense of togetherness among the student.The goal of Japanese education is more towards thedevelopment of individual personalities intact, tolerant to respectindividuals, instilling a soul that is free and responsible. The success ofdeveloped countries is what should be our example for our country where theremust be good cooperation between various systems in the country especiallyeducation system related to human quality improvement.

If the systems arerunning well then the progress of a country will be achieved and the veryimportant need for good moral coaching in every individual of a country becausethe beginning of success begins with the personal characteristics of a nation 

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