The Remember (2004),200 Pounds Beauty (2006), My Boss

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Last updated: December 24, 2019

The introduction of cable televisionnetwork has played an important role in the spreading of culture to other communities.Manipur have been experiencing  thisprocess of cultural diffusion mainly through this medium. The Korean satellitechannel “Arirang” is the harbinger of Korean wave in Manipur(LongjamAngana, 2013).

Its popularity began largely due to the ban on Hindi satellitechannels, which used to be the favorite channels of the Manipuris. They beganto search for an alternative channel, which could give them healthy leisure.The search was productive. Bollywood hindi movies have been replaced by theHallyuwood the South Korean movies in Manipur. Hallyuwood is a combined word ofHallyu in Korean and the wood in English (Yecies 2008). Many hit Korean moviesin Korea are also popular in Manipur.

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Top Korean movies which are as popular inManipur as Korea, includes Shiri (1999), My Sassy Girl (2001), My Tutor Friend(2003), The Classic (2003), A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003), Oldboy (2003), TheBrotherhood of War (2004), Love So Devine (2004), Windstruck (2004), A Momentto Remember (2004),200 Pounds Beauty (2006), My Boss My Teacher (2006), Voiceof a Murderer (2007), The Chaser (2008), The Divine Weapon (2008), The Good, theBad, the Weird (2008), A Frozen Flower (2008), Running Turtle (2009), MyGirlfriend Is an Agent (2009), Tidal Wave (2009), Secret Reunion (2010),Chilling Romance (2011), War of the Arrows (2011), Architecture 101 (2012), TheGrand Heist (2012), Miracle in Cell No.7 (2013). Popular Korean dramas such asAutumn Fairy Tale (2000), Winter Sonata (2002), Full House (2004), Dae JangGeum (2005), Coffee Prince (2007), Golden Bride (2007), Smile You (2009), FullHouse Take 2 (2012) etc are largely available in the DVDs and also broadcastedthrough the Arirang and KBS TV channel in Manipur. With the entrance of Arirangand KBS TV channel, its impact upon the Manipuris, particularly among the youthhas been felt in many ways.

For instance, after watching the many Koreanserials, there is a deep desire among the youngsters to imitate and copyeverything from language to dressing style, to food habit ,even the bodylanguage and some Korean etiquettes by youth. They have started using somecommon sentences used by serial stars in everyday life. They have become veryfamiliar with the Korean actors, actresses and singers. This could beconsidered as the Koreanisation in Manipur.

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