The Resurrecting UNBA

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It’s the year 2110 President Carney of Russia has just been elected. He vows to make peace with Africa. The world’s most powerful continent after all African countries united.

This caused a non-missile war, which Africa somehow won, making America and Britain close Allies and both very poor. Now nearly thirty years later America and Britain have become successful and are regaining power. Once Ifani Reguula the chairman of the committee running Africa discovers this, he instantly tries to make a treaty but no ordinary treaty, a treaty that would involve the whole world.The treaty’s name would be the Treaty of the Sky. But the last President, President Carlos Fondoe of Russia disagreed and threw the idea of a treaty, even though it was going to bring world peace and would most properly find resources for the decaying earth.

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Now President Carney is in power he would be very wise to the treaty, but what terms would it be on? It’s July 20th 2115 President Carney has agreed on the treaty but it had been changed a lot. Firstly, every country or Committee Continents, such as Africa. Have to send an expedition team out to space to find Natural resources for the Earth.Also all countries have to get rid of nuclear warfare and power. All countries agreed on these terms and the expedition teams are on their way already. Britain and America are still preparing for the twelve-year journey but have a lot to do still, so the other countries believe. The real reason is that joint chairmen Robeson and Coleson of U. N.

B. A (United Nations of Britain and America) have a totally different agenda. They want to send out marines and Ph. D. s to collect Bio-weapons from space. But its taking awhile to prepare for something that they don’t even know exists yet. Colonel sectors C and D are secure and I’m awaiting reports from sectors A and B. The troops are on board the Xenya and are ready for take off.

” “Thank you Lieutenant are the Ph. D. s awake still? ” “That’s a negative sir they are in cryogenic sleep ready for the long journey. If that’s all sir I would like to request a few minutes to say goodbye to my family”. Lieutenant Harper adores his Colonel, but finds him too brave false even, but he respects his authority. Harper wanted the place of take off to be in America because it is closer to the equator.

Colonel Farquare tells him that he is living in the past and that space shuttles these days are equipped enough to handle the extra air pressure and gravitational pull of the new Oxidation machines. Which were placed by Russia last year to keep the levels of Carbon at a respectable rate, well one of these devices which are the size of a tennis court is placed just above Greenland and would have made it impossible for a twentieth century space shuttle to leave orbit. Not many things can worry Colonel Farquare but the one thing that terrifies him is the thought of sabotage to the ship.He has some how got into his mind that someone is going to put a mine on board the ship just by the cryo-bay, where all the crew are temporarily frozen for the long journey. Colonel Farquare enters the practically deserted Xenya v the only people that are awake is the engineering team. As Farquare strolled around the Xenya, looking and admiring the ship, many of the engineers were saluting him. There was this one man, who didn’t salute him Farquare didn’t really think anything of it but the thing that did bother Farquare was that the man looked considerably familiar.

The man had short blond hair and a scar on his left cheek, but Farquare just thought that he was being paranoid and it really was time for him to get to cryo-sleep after he checks the control room. When Farquare got to the control room he expected to see the same man that he saw in the corridor, but to his great surprise he didn’t. The really spooky thing about it was that the corridor only leads down to the control room there are no other exits to the corridor and no exits to the control room either, so it made Farquare a little on edge that the man he just saw in the corridor has disappeared into thin air.It was just at that moment when Farquare realised something that the Xenya v had not always been the Xenya v in fact it had a totally different name it was called the Romona. The U. N. B.

A couldn’t afford a brand new ship the size of this so they bought a second hand ship that had crash-landed and had never been repaired, it could fly but the navigational system was off-line and the doors to sections A, C and D didn’t work at all. So they repaired the ship but made some structural changes so Farquare thought that maybe there a trap door of some sort in the control room what the man used to get out.Farquare liked the idea of a trap door, in case of mutiny on board the ship it would come in handy to know exits to room that non of the other crew knew about. As he was searching he noticed that the Defence system had been tampered with and that instead of “Open fire if fired at” It was on “Fire at any other space crafts or units” This was terrible if that happened it would almost definitely start a war.

Colonel Farquare knew that it was the scar faced man who changed the defence system but he also knew that the saboteur would not stay aboard the so-called doomed ship.Farquare changed the settings back to capturing any unidentified organisms. He made a quick announcement to all of his crew to get into their cryo-units and to welcome them aboard the Xenya v. The thing was that the announcement he made was just a little bit late because all of the crew was already in their cryo-units and the engineers had all left the ship. He was basically talking to himself, embarrassed and feeling foolish Colonel Farquare went to the cryo-bay and froze himself for the long journey knowing that the next time he awakes he will be along way from Earth and near some amazing organisms.

The ship takes off with nothing but the screams, cheers, cries and goodbyes from the crew’s family. Farquare’s family is not part of the huge crowd of family because he was adopted and then his parents died in the war so he is pretty much an orphan. The entire crew was awoken eleven years later. They all met up in the mess hall (Dinner room). Lieutenant Harper and Colonel Farquare gave talk to the marines but didn’t really know what to tell them about the surroundings and the reason of the early waking.The crew shouldn’t have been awoken for another four years at least but in a way this was good because the sooner they had the Bio-weapons the sooner they could go home to their families.

Harper went to the control room to se exactly where they were and he was very shocked to see that they had got to a completely different solar system. The sun of this system was a lot younger than the one from back home and it had much more planets, he counted twenty-six. The ship was particularly close to a turquoise coloured planet and this was the one that was glowing meaning that the plane had organic life forms on it.He registered this information to Farquare and then with his permission He sent it back to Earth to ask the leaders of the U.

N. B. A what to do and how to deal with the life forms. It took two whole days for the reply from earth to come back the thing was the news that came with the reply was totally unexpected. Africa had made a colony on the moon. They cheated the Treaty every country had to make a resource for the whole world well this is their resource the moon. This meant that Africa would have more power and the U.

N. BA’s plan would never work unless they tested the Bio-weapon on the moon.It was Farquares idea, so he forwarded it to the Chairmen knowing it would take yet another two days for the reply to come and this was good because by then they would have captured and contained at least twelve of the alien species.

Farquare sent down three marines and four Ph. D. s to capture them. It took roughly eight trips backwards and forwards in and out the ship to get all of the species into the electrically chained chambers and in the end took over fourteen hours. By the time all the aliens had been contained the Chairmen from the U.

N.BA had replied. They thought that Farquares idea was great and that they have to work quickly because in twelve years the African Republic would have increased the size of their colony on the moon so they wouldn’t be able to make it look like an accident. Their idea was to buy a small area of land on the moon and to say that they were testing their Bio-weapons and to make out that something went wrong, but to really let the aliens loose and to make them attack the Africans colony.

Many tests are being carried out to see what the aliens really are.The analysis report stated that it had concentrated acid for blood, a mouth full of fangs and claws that could cut through substances as strong as diamond (luckily the containment cages are lined with fifteen hundred volts of electricity. ) Just as the information was being processed back to Chairman Robeson and Coleson, an unidentified spacecraft had a missile lock on the ship. The ship was thought to be another alien spacecraft but definitely not the same species of alien, Farquare thought to himself “are we really this lucky to have come across two species in less than a week! ” the ship was much larger than the Xenya.Farquare was going to give the order to open fire on the alien spacecraft but private Vascaze informed him that they were being pulled toward the ship. “I don’t know what’s going on here but they are controlling our directional thrusters so we can’t make a run for it anyway. Now here comes the terrible news the power reserves of the ship are being drained but I cant seem to find where it is going, maybe to the rival ship? ” said Private Grump. “Wait.

.. identify yourself, you should not be here, who are you? ” Farquare said, (even in these situations he still likes to be in control. It was a P. H. D who was there to find Private Shadow to discuss what happened when they opened fire on the aliens. Now he wants to know something else, more important, “I’m professor randy, and I just want to say that the aliens we have captured are in very small metal cages, normally they can cut through the cages but they are lined with Fifteen hundred volts of electricity. What I’m trying to say here is that if the power on the ship lowers under seventy eight percent the electricity on the cages will automatically cut and will be used to keep the doors, airlocks etc working.

Please for all our sakes do something fast before… well lets not think about that just do something fast. If any of you need me I’ll be in Mid-lab.

” He leaves not noticing that they are all incensed by the news. Harper sent Vaskaze to open the shutters and look outside and see how close they were to the Alien ship. The tress and nerves must had got to Vaskaze because she accidentally opened all shutters and it was clear to see that they were now actually inside the alien spacecraft.

Everything was so shinny and sparkling. It was at this time that they first laid eyes on the alien species that had captured their ship.It looked more like a human than the contained alien in the Mid-lab but had a plain metal face, maybe a mask but long sort of dread-locks. There was about a dozen of them, just walking towards the ship.

One of them waved its hand as a signal, then all the power went out. The ship didn’t even have the reserved power. This was actually impossible because the ship had eighty seven percent of power left, which meant that all that power couldn’t have just been taken away could it? A sudden aura of fright filled the ship.

All the marines including Harper and Farquare equipped themselves with a smart-gun and Flame-thrower.Then the Inter-com went off, this was the only thing on the whole ship that worked the doors didn’t work they just all opened when the power went out and as for the air-locks they shut tight. This meant that they couldn’t get out of the ship, it also meant that the aliens outside the ship couldn’t get in (they hoped).

On the inter-com was Professor Oake he said “Well you’ve shut down the power and… arghhhhh. ” All that appeared on the screen behind him was one of the aliens that was supposed to be in the containment cages and had escaped due to then power loss.

Farquare knew that it was now time for business. “Right marines we all know that our dear friends in the mid-lab have all been massacred by the aliens on board this ship but we also should know that, that is not our only problem. We have over ten beasts outside trying to find a way inside and seeing they had the technology to capture our ship and shut down the power I honestly think that they can enter this ship in a matter of minutes. So I suggest that we get into two groups Shaddow, Vaskaze and Gump all go down to the basement area of the ship and see if we have any survivors”.The three marines moved cautiously but quickly towards the lift doors and got into the lift and went down to the basement where the mid-lab was.

Farquare then ordered the rest of them to go towards the main airlock and make sue the doors don’t open and to try and regain power on the ship. Harper asked what Farquare was going to do and if he was going to be okay. Farquare replied that he was going to be fine and not to worry about him he was going to try and contact Earth and tell them about their situation and see if there were any human ships in the same solar system that could help them.The first team got to the basement very difficulty because the power was out the lift did not work so they climbed down the elevator shaft and came across three aliens from the mid-lab.

As they got to the mid-lab it was totally silent fear pained their bones. They’d a thorough check of the mid-lab there was many different puddles of blood but no body each time. The containment cages had a messy hole the size of a large cow. Just as they were going to leave the mid-lab they had a very eerie message on their mobile COM, “Sir… ir do you copy, they’ve found a way in I don’t know how but, noooo.

.. ” It was a very bad connection and there was human screams in the background.

It was definitely the voice of private Hicks. At this the team knowing that they were the last left on the ship other than their so-called fearless leader, ran down the hall to get to their leader, Farquare. But as soon as they stepped out of the mid-lab the doors shut and the lights came on and in the mid-lab still was private Shaddow caught in there with an alien that they had seen outside the ship they were scared but as much as Shaddow.Shaddow was so scared that he didn’t even open fire he just stood there in fright and amazement. So the beast shot him with a gun on its shoulder.

Shaddow was dead and they knew it. So they ran as fast as they could but when they got into the elevator shaft they remembered that the power was somehow restored. Then to their horror the lift started to come down, Vaskaze was still by the exit to the shaft so she climbed out but as for Gump he never stood a chance. The lift came down and the door opened and there was nothing inside, so Vascaze used it to her advantage and got in and head up to Farquare.

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